Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Yep totally uninspired appointment and can’t see him lasting long in the role but who knows. Pretty telling that I’ve not been arsed to sort tickets for Monday’s game.

I think Robertson is far better than Tierney and I do like Tierney a lot but he’s struggled quite a few times in a Scotland shirt when he’s not realised the step up in opposition and has tried to do something too clever. A move to a premiership team might sort that.

We have been rank rotten tonight. Belgium are obviously a very very good side but we’re gifting them chances and offering nothing up front - and I also really like griffiths but he’s had nothing to work with.

Thank fuck I didn’t succeed in persuading my mates into going to this one.


He’s mugged your entire nation off there


Aye, he’s just fucking grey isn’t he? Can’t see how he’d inspire anybody. Seemed a real backwards appointment, but it’s a bit of a poisoned chalice, isn’t it? None of the sort of best-of-the-rest managers would look twice at it, so what do you do? Who’s after that - could they have got Ross or Hopkin before they took new jobs (are they even much cop?), or someone else doing a good job in the second tier (Johnston?). I got the impression Michael O’Neill was keen and was probably the standout choice, no?

You guys know better than me, but i was positively surprised at Scotland’s squad. Maybe it has gaping holes in it, but there’s a decent amount of quality. It’s better than Northern Ireland’s and they’ve been excellent, and on a par with Wales (bar the standout player) or even maybe Ireland. Surely a settled side built around Cairney, Robertson, Tierney, and with Armstrong, McDonald, Fraser, McGinn, etc, could easily be doing a lot better under the right coach?


Don’t know what happened behind the scenes there, but he turned down the job. NI gave him a big contract, but (and no disrespect to NI who I know have been to major tournaments more recently than us) we should have had enough to tempt him in terms of the depth of player pool, infrastructure, etc.

There is enough in the squad to do better, and maybe we’ll build up a head of steam once this nations league thing starts, but I honestly would’ve took a gamble on Caldwell before McLeish. At least with an unknown quantity the fans can indulge in a bit of blind optimism.


Aye McLeish was a disappointing appointment, he seems like he might be slowly losing his marbles as well. We definitely have a better squad than the result suggest but I still think a massive change is needed in terms of the whole setup : from youth development to the national team. I just can’t see it coming from the sfa, we’ve had some good people in that “performance director” role but there seems to be a resistance to change and unwillingness to sacrifice for the common good. The Brian Mcclair interview after he left was particularly damming in that aspect, he said he spent more time dealing with internal politics than actual implementing his ideas


Didn’t even realise we were playing last night till this morning.
Yeah big eck is a very uninspired appointment. Not sure who might be a better option, to be honest I’ve not been paying much attention to the team since syrachan and co fucked the qualifiers.


Just turned on this nations league game, Scotland have just hit the post. Take that, Albania.


Albania seem to have forgotten that Andy Robertson is fucking good. Unfortunately so has Andy Robertson.


Nations League!


He’s remembered this half.


Turns out we just needed the women’s team to show the men how to win a game (almost certainly speaking too soon here)


we have malky mackay in charge of developing and improving the youth system in scotland, burn the whole thing to the ground


Oh fuck I had somehow managed to erase that knowledge from my memory.


From the few images I’ve seen it looks like there’s maybe 20 people in hampden not including the teams


Used to rarely miss a home game but despite age and having a bairn playing a part I’d put my waning attendance down to:

  • struggling to motivate pals to see us play shite
  • school night games
  • the very uninspired appointment of McLeish
  • ticket prices
  • general disillusionment with EVERYTHING

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BBC tag line ‘Rampant Scots top group after victory’

Steady on.




Much were tickets!!



£25 for the shit seats behind the goals. More if you want to make out the ball.

Hampden is what puts me off attending more than anything else. I could maybe convince myself to drag my arse to the odd game if it was easy to get to, but a soulless bowl with crap views, in the middle of nowhere on the opposite side of Glasgow from me just isn’t worth the hassle.