Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


The SFA seem to take the least common sense option quite a lot.

Fuck the dinosaur coach off, bring through a few more younger players, get the team on the road and playing infront of a bouncing Pittodrie or Tynecastle.

But…money’s not a valid excuse, imho.


would be interesting to see what consultation they did before making the decision, i don’t think i’ve ever spoken to a football fan who enjoys watching games at hampden*

*full disclosure i’ve never been to a scotland game in my life and think the tartan army are an absolute beamer


May I just shock you? I don’t mind Hampden personally.


They could probably make Hampden work just by being a bit more proactive. Look into digging out the pitch so they can fill the ends with seating, or failing that look at temporary seating. Even if neither are viable, improve transport links - put on subsidised buses and coaches from the main stations, etc, if they don’t do that already. Make all Scotland games Kids for a Quid, and cap adult tickets at £15. Distribute any unused tickets to youth clubs, schools and charities. How hard is it, realistically?


From what they’re saying today, they’re going to look at making improvements transport-wise, etc.

It gets criticised for location, but it’s not much worse than any other major stadium in the country for that.

Knock down the ends behind the goals, rebuild them bringing it right in tight to the pitch. Rework the land about it to have a bus station or something that can properly function on match days, that’ll be a start.


Yeah, the transport there isn’t great. Went there once as an away fan and ended up having to queue in the snow for an hour for a train back into the centre. Not sure how that could be improved without spending lots of money, mind.



Has anyone ever done this?

Maybe Chelsea did? Don’t really remember them doing it, though, just seemed to go from cars behind the nets and Dimitri Kharine in leggins to Gus Poyet and a shiny new stadium.


Aye, they did. The construction can be seen in this video from '97.


Aye, I’d imagine logistically it’s probably easier just to build a new stadium.

If you’re ever in Hampden and walking up the steps of one of the stands, it’s ridiculous how shallow it is. Celtic Park (I assume Ibrox is the same) feels twice as steep. They wanted Hampden to be a bowl in order to hark back to the old Hampden, forgetting that 52,000 seats in that shape will be very different to 150,000 crammed in standing.


It it wasn’t for the inevitable Old Firm rammy every couple of seasons, would we need a ‘national’ stadium? Would much rather see the games move around like they do in other countries.


Ah, i remember now. Mark Hughes scored against someone in a televised cup game which may or may not have ended 4-2. Was it Liverpool?


Spot on. Fourth round of the 1997 F.A. Cup. Came back from 2-0 down to beat them 4-2.

Listening to that on the radio with my Dad is one of my best early football memories. Was completely enthralling as a nine year old.


Quite a nice story here

I’m gradually catching up with The Nutmeg now, there’s a lot of good stuff in it.


Legit planning on coming up for Celtic vs Leipzig, and also trying to go to the away game. Very intrigued by that one


tickets are on sale for the home/neutral section for the away game btw, more details in this thread -


oh excellent cheers, my pal in Leipzig (who is a Celt) probably has seen this already but will make her aware just in case


you should also be able to pick up a single ticket or two for the home game via -


my mate’s sorting the home game, alles gut!


St Mirren v Celtic tonight (on BT Sport if that’s yer hing).

In other news, the SFA are taking pelters from pretty much everyone over disciplinary shenanigans (mainly because none of their decisions make any sense, but also Steve Clarke isn’t happy because they spelt his name wrong).

Hibs v Kilmarnock is the pick of tomorrow’s 3pm fixtures, Rangers are trying to start putting some more points on the board at home to Dundee after 1 win from 4, and Hearts look to continue their 100% start away to Motherwell.