Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


OH I forgot about that, assume we will stick it on in the bar as we also have fyne ales in @blind_pilot?


Anton Ferdinand is playing for St Mirren


Christ only knows what Ntcham is up to.


Celtic looked worryingly toothless there, don’t know how much of that was being down to ten men. Fair play to St Mirren, solid point for them in the new manager’s first game.


can’t argue with the red card, but christ alive andy dallas is absolutely fucking atrocious


Tough game for the mighty Motherwell tomorrow against a Hearts team that look very solid at the back.
Hoping for a Dundee win tomorrow to put pressure on Gerrard (not going to happen… Rangers will win by 3 goals, but I live in hope)


Aye, don’t like to make a big deal about the ref but that was a shambles.


Could be out of the European places if Killie & Livi win tomorrow #brendansthirdseasoncrisis


It’s Hearts’ title to throw away.


They’d never do something like that


Hearts’ doubtless brief successful run has reminded me of a funny thing. Keep your eye on the steward at the bottom of the screen during the pitch invasion at 08:49 in this


Remember that time Hearts won their first 12 games or something then decided to shoot themselves in the foot by sacking George Burley? Classic Romanov-era Hearts!


Yeah, the Romanov days were a laugh. Posted about it on here a while ago, but I only recently found out that he was part of the crew of the K19 Widowmaker submarine.

They did finish second that season, and won the Scottish Cup - they might well have become champions if Burley had stayed.


Wasn’t that when they were basically playing the Lithuanian/Latvian National
Teams too


Yeah, there was a constant stream of Lithuanians sent to Tynecastle by Romanov.


Blows my mind Hearts came through the Romanov era unscathed. Liquidation seemed likely from day one.


It was like half of team were Lithuanian and the other half were Hearts’ better Scottish players of the time (Craig Gordon, Steven Pressley, Paul Hartley).


Ah yes, the 2006 Scottish Cup Final against…Gretna! That seems a lot longer ago than 12 years.


You could probably convince me that I’d dreamt the whole Gretna rise and fall.


It was all a bit surreal wasn’t it? I suppose it was always destined to implode seeing as they didn’t actually have any fans.