Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Kilmarnock are basically impossible to defeat


Have this weird feeling that Brendan will be at Fulham by the end of the season.


Tidy side, Kilmarnock, eh? Assumed they’d be drab as fuck.


Brenny at Newcastle could be hilarious for a variety of reasons.


they were until Steve Clarke turned up but he’s been an absolute revelation for them


Not for me, Clive.


Yeah, i have so many memories of watching the Skol Cup Final on TV as a kid. It was always on a Sunday in October. A particularly painful memory was the 1990 Final when Celtic lost 2-1 to Rangers (last trophy for Souness i think). Paul Elliott put us ahead with a ridiculous header that was about an inch off the ground. Equalizer from Mark Walters and then an extra time winner from Richard Gough. Dariusz Dziekanowski missed a sitter as well…awful day.


Managed 44 games, won 23, drawn 12, lost only 9.


This is the 2018 record for all clubs (taken from a Celtic twitter account, which is why they’re highlighted):



That’s really interesting!
Didn’t realise Hibs had been doing quite so well.


Love that we are ahead of Dundee and Accies and yet they’re still in the prem


So both semis at Hampden on same day


With just 1 ticket or what?


Given Rangers and Celtic are both playing doubt it


1 ticket but still segregated, might work…but I guess it would be easier and maybe more profitable not to.


Seems like the sensible thing would be to have one in Edinburgh, saves the pubs in Glasgow filling with supporters of all four clubs.

If they really wanted to boost viewing figures though they’d play both matches on the same pitch simultaneously.


It’s going to be carnage, isn’t it.

Surprised the police Scotland agreed to this.



There’s a hell of a lot of money going on Brendan to (Manchester) United on a betting exchange i use. 20+ three and four-figure stakes.


Don’t know anything about that, but it definitely seems like he’ll be gone at the end of this season (or before if he gets an offer from an English club).