Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


there were loads of rumours over the weekend via harry brady (a relatively well-respected celtic source) that there was some sort of showdown talks between rodgers and the board during the week over his frustrations at lack of support in the transfer window, an offer from china etc

as @SenorDingDong says, i think he’ll go if he gets a top 10 english side


Like @bugduv says, Man Utd.


Fucking mental decision


It’s gonna be absolute carnage and I am here for it


Still can’t get my head round it


It’s definitely a well-run game up here, no doubt about it.


surely the easiest thing to do (that also avoids any fixture congestion) is to swap our home game with hearts to 28th october and play the semi-final at hampden the following saturday?


Play both at the same time, they get half the pitch each and play widthways.



can see this going down well with the other 3 clubs involved…


FS man :joy:


Celtic and Rangers vs the Austrians tonight.

Celtic 1 up early on away to Salzburg now, Rangers at home to Vienna later


Celtic having a nightmare of a second half here


Is Salzburg’s ground seating on the bottom tier and standing on the first tier? If so that’s brilliant.


Yeah, noticed that earlier. Odd setup.


Hopefully that’s the last evidence we need that Lustig is finished. Seems like a nice guy, but his decline over the last season or two has been major.


What do you make of Hendry? My mate is a Motherwell fan and has seen him play a fair few times more than me and couldn’t believe Celtic bought him.


his decision making and positioning arepoor at times but he’s nowhere near as bad as he’s been made out to be in the last few weeks

if we’d had Ajer or Benkovic tonight we could’ve made a better fist of it, still, setting up the team to sit in for 90mins is always a dubious tactic


I’m willing to give him time, but he’s not looked great so far. Tbh, our defence is so unsettled just now it’s hard to get the measure of any of the centre halves.


I think worrell and Flanagan are both shite so I’m not sure what Gerrard is seeing that I’m not.

I take it you are all resigned like every other Celtic fan I’ve spoke to that Rodgers will be offski before next season kicks off? He’s done a good job and unearthed some gems but he cuts a bored figure, tbh.