Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


We are making a tit of this game.


Caee in point.

Mile offside though.


Not so much boredom, but I think this summer has brought home the limitations of what he’s dealing with. Even with regular CL money, it’ll take a long time for Celtic (or Rangers for that matter) to be able to be competitive again in the champions league - we might be able to get out the group once in a blue moon, but it’s a rarity.

We could probably afford to sign a player for £15m or whatever, but we can’t afford the wages that go with that when we can’t guarantee serious money coming in every year, so it’s a slow process to try and improve. Rodgers isn’t going to stick around for that (which is fair enough).

Tonight we had a few players on the pitch that we wouldn’t get £1m for - when those guys play in Europe they get shown up badly.

I think Lawwell is supposed to have been involved in the plans for this third UEFA competition, and with the plans for the hotel, etc at parkhead it’s clear that his aim is to increase guaranteed income each year, we can’t rely on player sales all the time.


Maybe it’s time for Rangers and Celtic to merge and become like Glasgow FC. Knock down parkhead and ibrox, build some 100’000 capacity stadium in the st enoch centre car park.
Just think of all the songs we’d have to sing.


Get Thistle dragged in as well, fuck it. Kingsley as manager.


Glasgow Bams FC, I’m up for it.


100% this.


Not often there’s a stone waller of quite that quality.


3-1 :+1:
Pretty confident now we’ll win the Europa cup


All good for the coefficient, so I’m behind you (for now)


That’ll be yer Hibs won 6-0


Celtic have remembered how to score! What a relief.


5 by half time, and I though we were doing well by half time :grinning:


Might even be a title race in the offing. Hard to see Rangers competing right to the wire, especially if Europe rumbles away in the background, but it’s nice to have a little guarded hope squirrelled away.

Actually Europe ain’t the thing, I think the bigger issue is the fear factor that Rangers have when playing Celtic and without a few old firm wins there’s no hope.


I’m a Celtic fan, but i think Rangers will beat Celtic at Ibrox at least once this season.


Ruddy Bouquet sounds like a good laugh.


He’s done us there


Just remembered this…


Celtic beating Hibs at the moment, Hearts beating Aberdeen. Big games.


Interesting scenes at Douglas park. Good opening goal after a turgid first half. Stunning equaliser. Stone wall hand ball penalty and then never a penalty in a million years. Jolly little final goal for the cherry on the cake. Still worrying in terms of how easily a side like Hamilton were able to neutralise our threat.