Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Sounds like it all got quite bad-tempered over tynecastle way - Neil Lennon and both linesmen hit by objects from the crowd, the hearts keeper hit as well. If that happened in Glasgow the government would intervene.


it looks like we’ve finally clicked, albeit Dundee were absolutely rank

really hope arzani’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked


Forgot it was a derby and made the mistake of trying to use Haymarket station last night. Proper Benny Hill scenes with three police officers chasing individual football wanks around an enclosed space. It was pretty entertaining, despite the feeling some massive brawl was about to kick off.


Lennon pulling no punches


arzani out for the season after doing his cruciate


We’ll always have that 20 minutes in Dundee.


Bloody hell, Rangers have been woeful this half.

I’ve a feeling when we next play Celtic, Hibs, Hearts or Aberdeen, I’ll have to watch the game through my fingers like a horror film.


This might be where the Hearts title talk ends.


Thank fuck :joy:


Kingsley update:


Shut down the season, it’s not going to get better than the stadium announcer at the end of this clip.

WARNING : contains Greenock Morton.


There are RB Leipzig fans on the train up from that London, got em telt of course


did you get a ticket for tonight?


Oh aye


Get there early, we’ve got a LIGHT SHOW 15 minutes before KO. That’ll make up for not signing a right back.


lustig has had an absolute resurgence in the last 3 games to be fair*

cue him having a shocker tonight


Aye, I’m crediting a lot to Benkovic with the overall defensive stability we’ve shown of late.


Main reason I’m going :joy:


Good to see Rangers officially complaining about Willie Collum, the worlds worst referee.

Now, I despise Rangers FC but there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that Candeias should have been sent off for the second booking at the weekend.

Obviously nothing will happen to Collum and his refereeing will still be garbage, but it’s good to see one of the big two not standing for this.


Collum getting called shite… Rangers being annoyed…