Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Pretty excited about the light show tbf.
Not that I’m going- got my first ever partner’s meeting. What is this fitba hating firm I appear to have joined?..


Hell of a game that rangers are playing the now. Both teams seem to think defending is for chumps. Watching on a very dodgy glitchy stream and it keeps cutting out at vital moments. Flanagan is so fucking pish.


Just put it on now. Looks like it’s been fun so far.


It’s been a properly silly game, very enjoyable




Came close at the death there


My stream had stopped working by then. The referee was all over the shop in that game. But there was so many mental decisions that I dunno who actually benefited.

There is ‘something’ about this rangers team but the defending and the finishing/chance creation is not good enough. Celtic are going to spank us thoroughly the next time we play and we’ll not be winning anything this season unless it gets sorted sharpish.


Alright lads?


Great game, this.


Couple of nervy moments, but a good performance all round. Big result.

Gotta get Christie signed up on a new deal soon.


Bit breezy at Pittodrie tonight


Going to the Thistle derby today because I’m a glutton for punishment


Top quality defensive display from Motherwell there! Jeez!




Was thinking about going but… Didn’t. Good decision probably.


James Forrest is going through a purple patch eh


Haven’t seen tonight’s goals but his second goal against Albania was incredible!


I’m sure it’s all down to big Eck’s expert tutelage and no other reason. :roll_eyes::joy:

^what my boyfriend just tried to imply


Have to agree with your boyfriend :grinning: