Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


This is probably the accounts magnum opus.



They’ll need a host for this. Time to bring Jim Delahunt back from the wilderness?


Ha. Or perhaps champagne Charlie :grinning:


As long as it’s followed by two hours of ice hockey i’m happy. ‘And now to Edinburgh, where the Murrayfield Racers take on the Fife Flyers again’.


The commentator of my youth for Scottish Football was Jock Brown. Still get a little tingle of excitement when i see some old footage with his voice over it.


Memphis Delay gets TELT


Pretty big European games later. Rangers at home to Villarreal - if Spartak Moscow beat Rapid Vienna in the earlier kick-off, I think that defeat means Rangers would be out.

Celtic away to Rosenborg, pretty much need to win that. Celtic’s away record is terrible, but Rosenborg don’t have a point yet.


on recent form, and how bad Rosenborg were in the home leg, we definitely should beat them, wouldn’t put it past us to absolutely fuck it mind you


Ideal results in Celtic’s group, just need a point at home against Salzburg to progress now. Salzburg will hopefully rest a few players seeing as they’ve guaranteed first place.


Now to cheer on Rangers


Naturally! I see the early result went your way, so it’ll definitely go to the last game.


Hell of a tight group.


steady on! :joy:

what a shambles that candeias sending off is though


Definite case of mistaken identity. Can’t see us getting anything more than a draw now. Lucky to get that. McGregor, the prick, has been fucking brilliant again.


Tight as a submarine door


Big day!

Hearts vs Rangers 12:00 kick off
Celtic vs Aberdeen 15:00 kick off (Cup Final!)

I think both games are on BT.


Good first half there. Feels like the second half could get fighty (although I think that about every hearts game I watch).


Love a good cup final promo picture.


Might watch the 2nd half of the final if the game is still on.