Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


I didn’t watch the game but could clearly see from 2000 miles away that the disallowed Celtic goal was miles offside :wink::wink:


It’s embarrassing. Fucking hated indiscipline and arguing from team mates as a player, and as a fan watching professionals it does my nut in. To an extent Gerrard’s stoking of us against them mentality has played a huge part.

Should be a hefty fine and a spell in the reserves for Morelos but it won’t happen given our lack of forwards - i called signing a million midfielders stupid then and it’s proven to be the case.

We can create a nice triangle or two but to what end?


This ^




So this is what it takes to bring you back?


we should’ve won 2 or 3 nil easily, totally took the foot off in the first 20 minutes of the second half and it cost us

another absolutely abysmal referring display last night from clancy



5-1 :cry:

gotta take a little time, a little time to think things ovo


That’s was a scary couple of days!


Arbroath absolutely bossing League One though


Leigh Griffiths taking time out from football, apparently fairly serious mental health issues.


takes a lot of balls for him to announce that’s why he’s going to be out, would’ve been feasible for them to just invent an injury while he gets treatment

hope he gets all the help he needs


Ugh It’s very frustrating (and I’m not having a go at you personally because I do know what you mean) that this “takes a lot of balls” to do


of course it is (and i’m not taking it personally) :slight_smile:

just think it’s a small sign of progress that they’ve been so open about it


I hope Griffiths manages to sort out his problems, however, from a footballing point of view, if he is going to be out for a while, we desperately need another striker as cover for Edouard.


ACH, that’s a shame for Griffiths! Judging from Rodger’s very good interview it looks like he’ll be getting all the help required from the club.
Hope he gets everything sorted out and gets back on the pitch as soon as he feels ready.


Entering into another transfer window that we can’t afford to be passive in.

Also not sure how I feel about the rumours that Congerton has left. Yes as scouts go, he was perhaps ineffective. However surely having a head scout > having no head scout.


Goes without saying that I also with wee griff a speedy return.


Big games tonight. Rapid Vienna vs Rangers in half an hour (think Rangers need a win, but maybe a draw could work? Idk) and Celtic vs Salzburg at 8pm (a draw is enough for Celtic).


Poor first half but this mob are eminently beatable. Look more likely to beat them that we did Dundee but I still have grave doubts we won’t. Barely created a decent chance.