Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


This game is there for the taking


Oh dear


Celtic won’t hold out if the second half continues the way of the first.


It has been a total doing but I’ve a feeling they’ll squeak through nonetheless.


Fucking hell


Kiss of death, sorry.


Rosenborg might be riding to the rescue


Couldn’t make this up.


Rosenborg have done it! What a team.


rosenborg have always been my second team


Ever since we signed Brattbaak


Celtic were very bad tonight though, next round will be grim if we don’t step up a bit.


we can’t live with teams who press us that high, didn’t help that rogic had probably his worst ever game for us


Trying to find info on Christie’s injury but can’t find much online. Hopefully just a heavy knock and nothing long term or major.

Listening to some pure pish patter from a guy on my team about how we got lucky. We got 9 points. That put us second. 9 points > the two teams below. Let’s look at the other groups:

Fenerbahce second with 8 points
Lazio second with 9 points
MalmoFF second with 9 points
Bate Borisove second with 9 points
Rennes second with 9 points

Also, mind the time old rangers qualified on 7 points in Group E in the UEFA cup competition they went on to get to the final in (whilst smashing up manchester town centre)… NOW there’s your luck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::sob::crazy_face:


Possibly the most tedious cup run in history. Even Aberdeen scored more goals in the UEFA Cup that season.


ALWAYS make this point!


That’s plenty from you


think they came in at the knockouts from the champions league that year didn’t they? (They were stilll shite and boring throughout that run though, and here’s that picture of one of them showing his arse again because why not)



Still the only team in European competition history who couldn’t be awarded their trophy within the stadium bowl as their fans are c**ts.


Aye. :joy:
Also, as an aside - I’m no fan of sevco and obviously love ripping the pish out of them, but can we be clear that it’s a certain element of their fanbase that are thick cunts. Plenty* of their supporters are good and decent people, trying to support their team (including some of our good friends on this board.) :kissing_heart:

*ok, let’s not go crazy here. “Some”