Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)




Ach, i’m Inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt on that one, Franco’s police were clearly horrible bastards too (as opposed to having a collective temper tantrum because of a broken screen)


I think today’s a day for noting that rangers actually helped the national coefficient this year, for the first time in a long long while.

Let’s just hope that Accies beat them on Sunday.


Couldn’t agree more. All the Old Firm fans on here are a GBOOFF.


Whit?! I may be a total cunt but my brothers are alright :wink:


I know Hearts are still doing okay in the league, but that should be a genuinely job-threatening result tonight.



that is a pure gorgeous table


Like this, a lot!!!


Title race is back on!

Rangers 34
Kilmarnock 34
Celtic 33
Aberdeen 30

Aberdeen appear to have come from nowhere to put themselves back in contention. Scottish Football is good this year eh?


Yip, great title race.

Motherwell play Celtic at Parkhead on Wednesday which is hard enough normally, but nigh on impossible after Celtic have just lost a game. Very, very rarely do they lose 2 on the bounce.
Prediction - Celtic more than one : Motherwell nil


Agree. I would be very surprised if Celtic don’t put a few past Motherwell. Hibs v Rangers should be very interesting. Hibs need the win to get up the table where they should be. Also, Kilmarnock are away to Hamilton on Saturday. These are the games that Kilmarnock need to keep winning if they are to stay in touch with the big boys.


Plenty of big games to come before the end of the month as well - Celtic away to Aberdeen and Rangers, Rangers v Hibs twice as well. Kilmarnock have got the kindest fixture list of all the top sides, they could well be top at new year.


@cowcow likes your last sentence


A grand sentence. Spelling, punctuation and grammar seem fine to me, although personally I would capitalise New Year.


Hibs v Rangers should be decent.


Should be decent so long as we win :grinning:


Acid test, if we can get a result tonight then we might be capable of not getting humped when celtic come to ibrox, ha ha.


Jeez, before tonight’s match Motherwell’s aggregate score for their last 5 matches at Parkhead was 21 : 1 !!
Add another 3 so far. Fucking hopeless.

@fitzcarraldo please tell them to stop!!


really hope @cowcow wins the league