Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Thanks @fitzcarraldo

This 3:0 defeat feels like a victory for us!


Bloody hell, fuck knows what to make of that. Dominated the game, created a handful of decent chances which we fucked and made some half-chances that we got closer to converting that we really should have. Denied a stonewall penalty. Occasionally looked a bit shaky when Hibs hit us on the counter.

Very frustrating but difficult to read too much into it in terms of our form, especially given how well Hibs played against Celtic. Our desperate need for striking options continues and Gerrard’s reluctance to give Lafferty his chance (probably quite rightly) is still very much evident. I’m away for a lie down.



St Mirren.
Fucking St Mirren!!



I was playing amateur footie one Saturday. Halfway through the first half the ref called me and the other teams captain over and says he needs to stop the game for 5 mins “cos I really, really need to do a shite”. He then gingerly waddled off to the toilet!


Boxing day then the end of year fixtures, greatest few days in the calendar here. Four points separating the top four as it stands.


Bonkers game at Pittodrie


the follow follow forum never fails to amuse…


That forum is fucking hellish, so many knuckle dragging cunts on it!


Craig Levein is an odd man.




Yeah, he’s an obnoxious, odious man. Bitter about everything and the kind of person you don’t want beside you in the trenches…he’d backstab you without thinking twice.


Worst Scotland manager in my lifetime.


He certainly makes Twitter a good place


Mikey Johnston starting up front for Celtic today


Or christie might pop up there as well? Would have preferred Eduard but he didn’t look completely fit. Still think celtic should have enough to win it despite rangers have improved a bit. feels like there could be goals in it which of course means there won’t be.


Rangers looking pretty good.


Decent start.


Don’t think I’ve ever seen Celtic give the ball away so many times. Bit worrying that we haven’t capitalised on our spells of pressure. There’s no way Celtic will be so toothless in the second half.