Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Yeah they’ve been very poor but it won’t continue all match. We need another.


It’s alright, Ajer is on now.


Surely celtic can’t be that bad in the second half. Woeful stuff.


No chance. Not seen Celtic play that poorly in a long time


Rangers have been brilliant here. Fancy they might come to rue not taking their chances, but been excellent.

There aren’t many funnier sights in football than yer man Scott Brown having a stinker.


Ntcham is shite.


Well, we were worse.


Celtic were shocking. We played with great intensity.
My wee pep talk with Stevie G in the pub the other night clearly did the trick :grinning::wink:


Yeah, that was brilliant. Know they’re a bunch of dirty bastards on the pitch and probably have a bigger unsavoury element to their support than any other British club, but that was absolutely monumental. The only top flight game south of the border that gets anywhere near that is Spurs v Arsenal.


Yeah he had a fucking stinker today and I loved seeing it happen :grinning:


Anyway, now that’s out the way it’ll soon be time for Europe’s biggest football derby, Motherwell vs Hamilton.


Getting harder and harder to see past Kilmarnock.


Evidently didn’t see that one coming. Rangers were the better team. Showed how much we rely on teirney, MacGregor in his proper position and at least an actual striker up front. And how much we shouldn’t rely on brown


Random rangers fan just put his arms around me in the street


They’re not all bad (!)


My coat is kinda yellowy/orange tbf


I know. My dad’s a rangers fan.


I’m at this - my first Motherwell game in about 5 years!


My condolences!


Hope we’re all enjoying the winter break!

Weekly transfer update - Defoe and Davis to Rangers, Ambrose leaves Hibs. Any others?