Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Like Davis a lot but we have got a lot of midfielders. Not sure about Defoe - obviously he’s a prolific goal scorer but it is whether he comes up with the right attitude and hunger or underestimates our league and ends up struggling. I guess we’ll see.


I think Davis offers you a better attacking option for midfield than you currently have. Not sure anyone really knows what to make of the Defoe deal.


Don’t think Defoe is the kind of person who won’t have the right attitude. Rangers usually create a lot of chances per game and he could be the guy to finish a lot of them off. Plus he’s not a red card liability like Morelos is.

Reckon he will be a good signing, if it happens.

EDIT - not liking the fact that Rangers could actually be signing a likeable player! :wink:


find it baffling that a club that could only keep the wolf from the door with “soft” loans from directors are now able to stump up even half of what Defoe/Davis are earning a week


Motherwell after Ross McCormack.

He did very well when he played for us 12 (!!!) years ago and got his big move down south.

He’s still only 32 so he could do a reasonable job for us for 2 or 3 years, but think he’s quite injury prone now.

We really, really ,really need a decent forward. Main man Main is having a shocking season and Connor Sammon is being Connor Sammon.


Motherwell sign Ross McCormack!! - League title campaign back on track!

Ross McCormack injured for 4 more weeks - League title campaign put on hold again.


Rangers have ex Chicago Fire player Matt Polster on trial! He’s a GBOL but made of glass.


Please tell me he’s not another midfielder


He was primarily used as a right back and then a right wing back (where he excelled), this was mostly due to him not getting a game at defensive midfield. So it depends.

He’s technically sound and a real fighter. He’s come back from a couple of bad injuries and whilst he wasn’t ever rapid, he could’ve lost a yard or two of pace. It’s very hard to gauge MLS players. He was pretty decent though and he’ll be paid very little. Worth a punt a I’d say :slight_smile:


Thanks for the report, can you scout someone from the Dutch league now :smiley:

Also, big fan of your username.


Ask @aboynamedgoo


Rangers also had a college player on trial, Gutman (spelling?), who was a ‘homegrown’ Fire player. He’s supposed to be exceptionally gifted and it was seen as a real failure that the Fire didn’t secure him. I’d read he received some kind of offer from Rangers but may have actually turned it down!


He’s a left back fwiw


Apparently Celtic are interested in Gutman.




No Dutch players are considering to move to Scotland during the current transfer window. And who can blame them?


It’s a significant step on the Van Dijk Path to Assured English Premier League Glory™


their loss!


he’s followed Celtic on twitter and instagram which appears to be the latest way of subtly implying you’re signing for a club