Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)



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On the one hand it’s great they are showing a willingness to embrace something new. Something that could help improve the game and show scotland to be something of forward thinking football nation.

On the other hand I have my doubts if they can implement it in an efficient manner that negates any negative effects of it (slowing down the game, inconsistent usage of it).

In short, I think it would be better if someone (anyone) other than the SFA figured out the best way to use VAR and the SFA just copied them.


VAR ihas been shite in every instance I’ve seen it used so the SFA have fuck all chance of making it anything less than completely terrible.


Agree with this apart from it being shite in every instance. I haven’t seen it being implemented perfectly (dunno if it ever will be anywhere, which is good in the sense of always having talking points/discussion/controversy) but Scottish football has been blighted by awful, awful decisions being made and the more correct decisions being made on instant review is definitely a good thing imo. I just don’t have faith in them being made without the usual shouts of bias and favouritism being made, but and real nitpicking but surely LESS blatantly awful decisions being called is a good thing with the hope of some kind of improvement long term?


I can’t edit the above and I know some of the above doesn’t make sense, I’ve had a drink but I hope you understand. (Too late to edit)


Stupid cup competition


i still think they’d be better asking the clubs to chip in to help fund full-time referees before they try and introduce VAR

the current part-time referees we have struggle to consistently implement the basic laws of the game so how they think they’re suddenly going to smoothly implement an entirely new system on top of that is baffling



League football is BACK!

17/18 games to go, and 6 points separating the top 5, 4 points separating the bottom 3. The pick of tonight’s games is Kilmarnock vs Rangers (which is on BT).


The next few rounds of fixtures could determine whether this league race continues or not. 3 of the next 4 games for Rangers are Kilmarnock (Away), Livingston (Away) & Aberdeen (Away). Conversely, Celtic have 4 of their next 5 games at home (including game in hand v St Johnstone).


Yeah I can’t see rangers still being in contention after those fixtures, sadly. But I’m eager to be proven wrong.


Watched a documentary called Tannadice '87 on iPlayer last night. Well worth a watch. Some cracking old footage. The narration’s in Gaelic but most of it’s ex-players and fans in talking heads-style interviews.

Nearly twenty years of European football, ffs. A UEFA Cup final, two quarter-finals, a European Cup final. Pretty mental in hindsight. Beat Barca four times, Juve, Roma, drew at Old Trafford.


Will give that a watch. What Dundee United and Aberdeen did in the 80s seems completely insane now - if it wasn’t for Roma being dodgy there’d have been a Liverpool vs Dundee United European Cup Final.


Same old, same old from rangers. Loads of the ball. Very few chances created and in defence we’re shaky as fuck. Not sure how wozza and gazbo (the clowns), get talked up or near the team - they must have dirt on someone.


Motherwell’s title bid back ON!


Honestly think the next few months are going to be all over the place. On tonight’s evidence, Celtic have added a bit of a goal threat which could see them get a bit of a lead, but who knows.

Can’t be surprised if Kilmarnock push this for a while yet.


The stories regarding the behaviour of Roma during that semi-final are mental. Probably best illustrated by this photo:



Hugh McIlvanney has died aged 84. Probably the greatest sports journalist Scotland has ever produced. I recommend the book ‘McIlvanney on Football’ for a selection of his writing.