Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Yeah, sad news. He’s one of those journalists whose name is legendary. Lots of pieces of his getting shared on twitter if you search his name.


Just read the guardian report on his death, they’ve linked to six of his best Observer articles, which might help your Friday pass quicker:


The Johnny Owen article is particularly impressive. “But our reactions are bound to be complicated by the knowledge that it was boxing that gave Johnny Owen his one positive means of self-expression. Outside the ring he was an inaudible and almost invisible personality. Inside, he became astonishingly positive and self-assured. He seemed to be more at home there than anywhere else. It is his tragedy that he found himself articulate in such a dangerous language.


The latest in the adventures of Craig Levein:


he’s such a fucking walloper


Looks like Lennon is out of the door at Hibs.


Third league win in a row for the mighty Motherwell and another goal for young David Turnbull. He’s possibly the biggest prospect from our youth system since McFadden.


Weirdest thing with rangers is the absence of convincing/deserved wins. Too many slim wins and the odd scoreline that flatters us. Weirdly the only recent convincing result that sticks in the mind is against Celtic (even then there were a few close shaves) which I’m beginning to think was just a really off day from Celtic rather than anything special from rangers.


“The management team of Neil Lennon and Garry Parker has left the club by mutual consent,” said a Hibs statement. “They have not been dismissed and have not resigned."

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats for another exciting round of Schrödinger’s Manager.



McIlvanney voiced a couple of Sky series’, i forget the exact name, but Greatest Team/Players type things. Absolutely mesmeric. There’s an episode about Celtic, but the Benfica one’s especially brilliant. Something magical about those old images and his gruff, broad narration.


What do you think has actually happened here? It sounds like he had an argument with a couple of players and then got shown the door?!


His voice was an incredible thing. There is a radio series on BBC Sounds called ‘The Mcilvanney Conversations’ where he reads some of his old articles. Well worth a listen.


I don’t think it was any one isolated incident. more that the latest row was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He slagged off his own players and called them amateurs last season, and suggested that he was considering his future. Despite staying on, it never felt like his heart was truly in it. Then he made kamberi cry on Friday, who then threatened to walk, and the board stepped in.


Who knows? My first instinct was I saw he had been suspended by the club was “he’s lamped someone”, but it’s all very mysterious seeing as Parker’s gone with him.

Reckon it’s all part of an elaborate canoe-man faking-his-own-death ploy and he’s going to suddenly appear in Paisley to take over his dream job at St Mirren. We’d probably take that at the moment.


surprised aberdeen knocked back the apparent bid of £5 million for mckenna, he’ll definitely go in the summer though eh? (and hopefully not to us)

thoroughly enjoyed this quote from phil thompson yesterday who appears to have been at the glue


4 penalties in one match for New Rangers.


fair play to andy dallas, he seems to give even less of a fuck about hiding it than bobby madden


PTFC are back off bottom of the table


Shocking what these St. Morten lads get upto