Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


See the busby stein and shankly programme for more of the same, topped off with some jazz


3 of the 4 penalties shouldn’t have been penalties!


First one - soft but a pen
Second one - no but missed anyway
Third one - outside the box
Fourth one - definitely a foul but not sure if in the box

That about sum it up?


Bang on.


Good to see that 3 of Motherwell’s 5 midfielders are all under 20 and have come through the youth ranks.
Turnbull signed a 2 year contract extension last week. Let’s get the other 2 signed up long term too.


Celtics second goal today was a beaut of a counter attack!


Might need to start putting money on penalties in Rangers games if this continues. Averaging about two per half just now.


Red cards a-go-go as well at Pittodrie.


Haven’t seen the match. Looks like a cracker!
Deserved penalties and red cards?


Also not watching, but from what I hear there can’t be many complaints.


I’d say so, yeah. Andy Walker doesn’t think Morelos’s was a red but he’s a prick so to be expected


What, Morelos is a prick, or Andy Walker?
Or both. :wink:


Red was harsh on Morelos I thought. McGregor there, though…


I meant Walker in this instance. But Morelos too, yes


Andy Walker is the fucking worst


He used to be my hero at Motherwell and then at Bolton!


I’m sure he’s fine until he starts talking


Yawn. Another win for the mighty Motherwell.
5 in a row!!!
2 more goals from our young heroes!


Penalty was a stonewaller but also completely bizarre.

Rangers didn’t really deserve to win but then we didn’t deserve to draw when we played them in August. Very odd game. We were alright in first half and Morelos was brilliant. Aberdeen were much much better in the second half.

Didn’t see their penalty to take it to 2-3 but Morelos and McKenna and McGregor and Ferguson did very silly things. The Morelos sending off was justified and his playacting was disgusting, I wish he would stop being such a wee dick.

Football eh? Enthralling to watch, after a stodgy start to the first half, mind you.


i believe you’ve forgotten about craig burley