Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Great run from Motherwell and they are now above Hibs and only 4 points behind 6th place St Johnstone.


another absolutely pish poor refereeing performance from craig thomson at parkhead last night

weah, brown and christie were all absolutely smashed from behind and only one of them resulted in a booking

the challenge on izzaguire was a clear red

on the upside calum mcgregor was outstanding again, find it weird that there’s still not been a bid from an EPL side for him, he’s the best midfielder in the league by a country mile


morelos banned for 3 games and mcgregor for 2


Seriously thought they’d manage to get it overturned because, well, the SFA. In fact; imo they are partially to blame for this week’s behaviour. Time after time the wee thug has gone unpunished (let’s not even mention December) and it’s made him believe he’s untouchable. 3 match ban is about right and brings a semblance of credibility back to the Scottish game (I’ve been feeling lately like throwing in the towel with the terrible decisions and cheating and becoming a bloody bowls fan or something).


looking forward to the impending statement


I’m sure it’ll be the usual dignified response!


Now, now ladies and gents, the rangers bashing in here is already at maximum capacity so let’s not go overboard.


The initial response to the death of Rangers 1 pretty much killed off my interest in football. I’m more a ‘check the results’ guy now than someone who actually gives a shit. Is the protectionist bollocks still ongoing?


For a Celtic fan I’d say I’m pretty balanced (I have to be for the sake of peace at home) but come on! Morelos is a wee ned and it’s about time he was pulled up for it. McGregor I’m less sure about- I’m not sure it’s within the CO’s remit to cite vb when the official has seen the incident. But then let’s not go into what happens when official “see” things, shall we? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


McGregor and Morelos are both utter dickheads but I’d say the amount of digs towards rangers in this thread is a bit dispiriting. I know there are utter fucking troglodytes in our support but as the Rangers fans on these boards don’t come across or behave like that it seems less necessary.


Looking forward to the concomitant response too


Yep, and I said as much in my post upthread in December where I reminded people that there are decent rangers fans who post on here. I don’t think any recent posts have been unduly hard on your fans though, unless I’m missing something. Recent commentary has been around the (until yesterday) abysmal officiating decisions, and unsporting play.
I don’t think either side’s fans cover themselves in glory from time to time so I try not to be too hypocritical in my thinking as far as fans go.


Good strike


I can’t believe Morelos is 22. Would’ve said early thirties. Looks world-weary as fuck. Great value isn’t he, the lad? Does nothing Scott Brown’s not done week in week out for a decade.

On course to end the season having scored 100 goals in two overseas leagues over four seasons, which is pretty good really, eh?


He’s much more effective than I thought he was originally - I had really only watched him in games against Celtic where he went through a run of missing quite a lot of sitters, but some of his finishing this season has been great.

Regarding the disciplinary stuff, I can’t work out whether he’s going overboard in trying to wind up opponents, or whether he’s just really susceptible to being wound up himself.


Morelos is one of the most idiotic footballers I’ve seen. And I’ve been watching Scottish football for 30+ years!





mcgregor loses his appeal

his tackle on ferguson is less of a red card than him cleaning out ajer earlier in the season so it’s probably balanced itself out?


is a fucking bellend