Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


some save that


Cynical challenges to stop breaks should be a red card. Don’t care if it’s just a shirt tug or something, it’s such a shit way to approach the game.

Anyway, Rangers scrape through and Aberdeen are in EXTRA TIME against Burnley. Bonus sub!


City won a league title doing that though. It’s effective.



Come on, bud…


Lovely goal


Well we won’t get penalties


That’s a wee shame. Would have been nice of Aberdeen had gone through but I can’t see it now.


I didn’t mind it unless city were playing Chelsea to be honest. Surprised more teams don’t do it


And that’s that. Still, 3 out of 4 through, and Aberdeen took it further than most would have expected. League starts this weekend!


3 out of 4 is much better than normal.
Some good results, especially Hibs going through after being 2:0 down in the first leg.

Celtic Vs Athens.
Have the Rangers and Hibs ties been drawn?


Rangers v Maribor
Hibs v Molde


Two tough ties there.


Totally agree. Also any obvious dive should be given a straight red card either at the time or following the game.


Both easier than Burnley though. Aberdeen were so unlucky in the draw, especially since they should have been seeded ahead of both Rangers and Hibs.


great to have them back in europe


Scotland’s shame indeed.


Thistle kick off at Ayr United today, we should beat them but fuck knows


Lol never mind


It’s the hope that kills you!