Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)

Only one of them was born 30 miles away too, the other 14 were all born within 10 miles of Celtic Park or something.

He was pretty well thought of in Aberdeen I think, only managed us for a year but apparently did a lot towards building the Fergie team. Very sad.

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Really sad about Billy. Me and my folks have been on holiday to the same place with him and his family a few times and always had a brilliant time, and I’ve been thinking lots about those happy times today. A lovely genuine person. So sad how ill he has been in recent years. What a life, well lived. RIP old bhoy.


I think Bobby Lennox was born the furthest away in Saltcoats. I may be wrong though.

Well if there was ever a day for Celtic’s no 5 to score on the 67 minute mark, it was today.


Stevie Chalmers has died too :((((

despite having been to all the previous games and meeting the criteria i didn’t get a ticket in the ballot for the scottish cup final, was absolutely gutted as it’s unlikely we’ll ever be going for a treble treble again in my lifetime

my mate has just msgd me to say he’s bought the ticket he was offered in the ballot and is giving it to me instead, what a fucking boy


alan mcgregor is a very troubled man

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He’s such a fucking arsehole


Something in my eye lads


Anyway, let’s focus in for the last couple of weeks of the season. Tomorrow’s game at ibrox could go either way I think - given that it’s basically as meaningless as these games can be, it’s hard to expect a classic. Not sure if either side will really show up (cue 4-4 with 9 red cards).

More important to the league’s final positions is Kilmarnock vs Hibs today, with Killie still battling it out with Aberdeen for third, and St Mirren vs Hamilton on Monday night - St Mirren are trying to reel Accies into the playoff relegation spot, 4 points behind with 2 games left.

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Kilmarnock now level on points (+6 on GD) with Aberdeen going into the final games next Sunday (Kilmarnock vs Rangers, Hibs vs Aberdeen).

Celtic playing better in the last 10 minutes after changing formation, but still not close to a shot on target, so pretty useless.

Would it be ultimate foot shooting from Rangers if they win here and Lennon doesn’t get the job? :rofl:

Only half-joking, don’t know many Celtic fans who respect him as a coach. What’s the latest chat about the job anyway?

I think everyone expects him to get the job, and is pretty unenthusiastic about it. Barring a shocking display in the second half of this game and the cup final, the board will probably announce him shortly afterward the final.

Big job ahead in the summer regardless, lots of players leaving.

Ahhhh the McLeish Factor. Could be worse it could be a Deila situation, although even he was a million times better than Pedro.

180 minutes at ibrox this season, with a total of two shots on target I think. Celtic deserved absolutely nothing there, Rangers were good value for the win.

Really strange to be going for the treble and looking this poor.


literally the only positive to take from yesterday is the fact it hopefully puts the final nail in the coffin for lennon getting the job on a permanent basis


TBT when Dundee United won the Scottish Cup and David Hannah had a Rangers top on when he went to collect it. Marvellous

Ah yes, that was the Ivan Golac final. I love suddenly remembering these old Scottish Football characters from yesteryear.