Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)

Some achievement by Steve Clarke to finish with Kilmarnock in the European spots.


Delighted for them. Clarke all but confirmed as Scotland boss too.

Is he?!

karamoko dembele looks frighteningly good

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From what I’ve heard, also Clarke’s end of season speech was very much a farewell.

Yeah it was a Good season

Clarke confirmed as Scotland manager.


Happy about this but quite surprised he hasn’t waited for an offer from the Championship or something.

this is glorious


ryan jack enjoying his summer break

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Cup final day! I’m nervous.

:soccer: :trophy:

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did you get a ticket?

i tried to buy one yesterday for my mate who gave me his, was all set until the boy explained he wanted £250 for it…

Nah, just going to my brother’s to watch it. Might head over to the Barras after if we win.

You’d better fucking win

Do you hate Hearts that much?

Couldn’t give a fuck about hearts. Celtic winning is good for :moneybag:

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Not a penalty.

Fuck sakes sellick, get yer fingers out

Edouard obviously looking for it, but the keeper has been daft there. Any time you go in with your feet like that and don’t get the ball you’re going to give away a penalty.

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