Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)

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World’s first treble treble :four_leaf_clover:

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On brand

Bit surprised by this to be honest

He’s been vital to most of those nine trophies, hasn’t he?

He assembled the squad and created the philosophy, didn’t he?

Short of some serious upgrade presenting himself, Lennon was always the safe choice. He knows how to win trophies, unless you’re getting a really big name then he’s the closest to a risk-free option.

Moyes was getting mentioned a lot over the last few days, but he wasn’t better on any level - wouldn’t be cheaper than Lennon, doesn’t have a better recent CV and Lennon has a good relationship with the fanbase.

I just hope that Lennon realises and will push the professionalism that the next couple of seasons will need.

Lennon was always gonna get the job, makes a lot of sense. Celtic were never gonna spend big money on a big name.

what a day out yesterday, an absolutely honking game of fitba but it was worth it to see levein’s raging face at the end

i should be safe to drive around wednesday


Anyone catch the penalties earlier? Ridiculous

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Didn’t see the penalties earlier but good to know that there is a playing called Duckens Nazon in Scotland

And I hadn’t realised Anton Ferdinand played for St Mirren either.

Missed this at the time.

People. Make. Glasgow.




Patter aside, it does astound me how Rangers fans don’t appear to have done a big supporters trust fund already given the club’s recent financial situation? Or were they not allowed due to being caught out being naughty?

i’ve nae idea, they did another share issue just last year so presumably anyone who wanted to put money into the club then could’ve bought in

it’s surely just throwing good money after bad though given they were still being kept afloat by “soft loans” from directors last May and things have hardly improved in terms of finances since then?

but that’s kinda my point, they’re one of the biggest clubs in the world, and while its not the fans responsibility that their club decided to be dodgy af but they could have surely raised plenty of money at the time of their liquidation to put them back on track? Maybe they did and I’m forgetting, I’ve no idea.

I would never give rangers any of my money for a supporters trust. Fuck that.


The liquidation happened so quickly they didn’t have time maybe, nobody really thought it was going to happen until it did. They set up a fund after that, but by the time they’d raised anything didn’t want to give the money to Charles Green/Mike Ashley/whoever I think.

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There is like some kind of fan group with a shareholding and stuff I think?

I think it’s hard enough to get fans to part with cash even if they’re getting something in return (tickets, merchandise), let alone have people basically donate.

i think there’s also the fact that it’d be raising money to put into a club that is still running at a loss (at time of latest accounts anyway), so i can see why it’s not hugely appealing to their fans to put money in that would be going straight to the bank/creditors*

*but obviously not the face painter