Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)

aye but when they had to start a new club? there’s enough of them, surely they could have interjected?

it looks like they actually did, this article seems to imply that they raised £10 million from individuals buying shares in 2012

i guess that all went on david templeton and kevin kyle’s wages

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I"d pay to have them shut down :wink:


fair play, I hadn’t heard about that

makes it even more incredible that they had all that money, no debt as a new company, 3 promotions in 4 years and are still operating at a loss

semms very Rangers

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Well, not quite

i’m absolutely disgusted with myself for that


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find the turnbull signing a strange one, i get that he’s a prospect but he won’t dislodge anyone in our starting 11 and has only had 1 good season behind him, unless the plan is to loan him out?

i’ll take all this back and be full of enthusiasm when we also sign a left back, right back and a striker before the end of August…

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Getting stranger too. Not sure Trumpian tweets is the way forward with this but knock yourselves out

absolutely embarrassing stuff