Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Fucking morons :rage:



Spicy, this.


Bizarre red card there


Morelos is a fucking idiot and he’s also shite, can’t believe he’s still playing for us.


lucky for you’s aberdeen are absolutely fucking honking, that cosgrove guy is absolutely stealing a living


Aberdeen have offered absolutely nothing there. The penalty was soft, so they’re unlucky to be 1 down, but there’s no excuse for being so toothless against 10 men.


I’m not watching but from the radio they sound shit.
We’ll be doing well to hold onto a lead with this much time left right enough.


Are Aberdeen definitely leaving Pittodrie? Seems a shame if so. Read something about them moving to some identikit ground out of town for financial reasons. Always quite liked it. Maybe it’s one of those old grounds that people get misty eyed about but it’s a bit of a dive in reality, idk. That granite entrance is lovely stuff.


Yeah, I think construction has started. I’ve only been in Pittodrie once about 15 years ago, so no idea what condition it’s in now.


Yeah, it’s pretty much nailed on now I think. Last time I was there was a couple of years ago, it needs a bit of work but it’s in decent enough shape. Shame really, up until around 15 years ago there was a lot of land around the ground they could have bought up but it’s all flats now. Kind of think the fashion for building stadiums out of town centres has passed now, so it’s fairly typical we’d be behind the curve on that


Also fairly typical that we’d roll over for these cunts. Happened every time since they reappeared. Annoying.


Trying to keep the faith with Morelos cause I like his energy but the misses I can just about live with but the poor discipline, I can’t. Soft as fuck red mind you.

I liked Arfield at Burnley and at Falkirk way back when but he just looks a yard short and lacking sharpness all the time. Ryan Jack has had a good game and katic and goldson are decent.

Need a striker or two, not seen big Umar yet, if we’re seriously thinking about challenging Celtic.


A lot of men’s hairlines recede as they age, Steven Gerrard’s seems to be proceeding if anything.


Aberdeen did not earn that


Fuck sake.


Bizarre comments from Gerrard after the game too. Apparently we were ‘perfect’. That’s not how I viewed a game where we had the chances to kill the game off but didn’t. We did well with 10 but only cause Aberdeen were so so poor.



Very strange comments from Gerrard. To come to the conclusion that Rangers are ‘a class above Aberdeen’ after 1 game is a bit premature. Also, to say that Rangers will continue to get decisions against them because it has been happening for a few seasons is also an odd thing to come out with.


Yep not quite Pedro madness but daft comments nonetheless.


I imagine it’s just the first stage of him trying to build some sort of drawbridge mentality there given he’s been reared on Liverpool Football Club/Dalglish paranoia.