Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


It is the oldest managerial trick in the book isn’t it? “Everyone hates us you know”.


Wrote this on Berwick Rangers:


How do people think the plastic pitches in Scotland impact on the games, if at all? Just watching the hihlights and notice Kilmarnock have one, and obviously Hamilton do…


I think generally opposition teams don’t like playing on them. It’s hard to know how much of this is just me looking for differences when I watch games at those parks, but the ball seems to skid about more and it generally doesn’t seem to be conducive to a great passing game.

I don’t begrudge teams like Accies doing it though, they’ve got to make/save money where they can, and this means their pitch can be in use every day (and god knows there’s been some shocking grass pitches over the years, Motherwell used to be awful for it). In an ideal world there’d be a better TV deal, with an uplift in cash conditional on clubs having decent grass pitches.


John McGinn any good?


Jeez, remember the Motherwell sand pit about 6 years ago! Horrendous!


We’re a couple of episodes into this now, pretty decent so far, they’re making a good attempt to keep their coverage fairly broad:

I’d imagine it’ll improve a bit as the season goes on and it gets a bit more of its own personality.


He definitely could be, Celtic were/are after him, seemingly as a long-term replacement for Scott Brown. They’ve been dragging their heels over meeting Hibs’ valuation though, so it looks like Villa might nick in.

Combative central midfielder type, coming off the back of a couple of very good seasons.


Yes, I thinks he’s a very good player.
It’ll obviously be a big step up for him to play consistently well in the Championship but I reckon he’ll do very well.


cheers guys


One of my ATDs did the colour commentary on the second half of this, worth watching for the hilarious howler of a goal.


Denayer apparently going back to Celtic…


He was great alongside Van Dijk when he was last here, obviously Van Dijk turned out to be the more valuable of the two.

I see Patrick Roberts is linked with a return (again) as well.


i would take denayer back in a heartbeat, i don’t see paddy coming back unless he can’t get a move before the english window shuts


Didn’t think much of him at Sunderland, but it didn’t help that they kept playing him out of position I suppose.


Izaguerre coming back as well apparently. Brendan trying to recreate the glory days of the tail end of the Deila era


is there a reason why City and Celtic seem to have such close ties?


Yeah, that one’s just strange. I think we probably should have kept him in the first place and used him sparingly, rather than decide to put Tierney through about 60 games a season, but to get him back now doesn’t seem like a forward step.

I wonder how much of our transfer business is based on waiting to see how we do in CL qualifying.


Nothing official I don’t think. Might just be that the clubs have found each other good to deal with, and players who have been on loan (e.g. Denayer) have had good things to say, leading to others (e.g. Ntcham, Boyata) being more willing to come up.


think the fact any player they loan us has a good chance of gaining CL experience has a lot to do with it too