Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Ah Brendan, you’re wonderful

When asked is it would be over at Celtic if he stopped pushing for progress, he said: “Yeah. My job is done then. Terminado. Gone."

“It’s no good if I just sit back and get comfortable. Being comfortable is the enemy of progress.”

“I never allow it in my own life or professional life. You see it in sports and in industry. The minute you think you’re doing OK it can quickly disappear, and that’s the greatest institutions."


Hearts v Celtic is today’s early fixture (kicking off at half 12 on sky), the Lanarkshire derby is the pick of the 3pm games.


This game doesn’t look like finishing without a red card or two.


I remember seeing that Liverpool documentary when he was manager there and I found him very hard to take seriously but I guess you can’t argue with what he’s done for Celtic and the quality of player he has brought in/developed.


That time he proposed to his girlfriend on Times Square, but took along a photographer with him.


Fuckin Lafferty :rage:


It’s the big one today. The only real derby match in Scotland worth mentioning. Motherwell vs Hamilton.

Come on the 'Well!!


That wasn’t great, ends a bad week for Celtic. If playing some second string players today means that we win on Tuesday then it will have been worthwhile, but there’s a need to strengthen in a few positions.


I mean, the jambos are scums but a more competitive league would be nice :wink:


naismith is an absolute weapons grade cunt


Might have to adjust my pre-season prediction from Celtic by 20-25 points to Celtic by 10-15 points.

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on the plus side maybe if AEK were watching today they might be lured into a false sense of security… maybe. Worrying that when we’ve been chasing a goal we’ve just not looked like scoring at all. Hopefully they can get the finger out on tuesday.


I’m pleased for Partick and Hamilton today.


4 out of 4 wins each time scoring 4 for Formartine United.

Is that a tongue-twister? Either way we’re top of the highland league and hopefully come late Spring we’ll be eyeing up the team who finishes bottom in division 3…


Two weeks down, are Hearts going to win the league? They’re the only side with a 100% record now, while Dundee and Motherwell are at the other end with a 0% record. Obviously very early days yet.

Aberdeen have got Man Utd striker James Wilson on loan, we’ve got just under three weeks of the transfer deadline to go so I’m sure there’ll be more movement to come (Boyata looks like he’s ready to move on as soon as Celtic let him).

League Cup is coming up this weekend, so no premiership games until the weekend after, and Hibs, Rangers and Celtic all have European qualifying second legs this week where we’ll see if they can all make the playoffs next week.


Hibs out, Rangers through in Europa League 3rd qualifying round, leaving Celtic and Rangers in the playoff round in the next couple of weeks (Celtic playing Sudava of Lithuania, Rangers playing FC Ufa of Russia).


Didn’t know the draw had already taken place.
Both winnable games for the Old Firm.


League Cup today.
Motherwell continue their defence of the non-Celtic cup competitions with a winnable game at Livingston.
Glasgow derby at Firthrill.
Aberdeen and Hearts should both win.

C’mon the Well!!!


Going to this. Hope some pity is taken.


Enjoy it. Hopefully it’s a good match!