Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


Any chance Partick might shoe Celtic today?

How does the reality north of the border compare to the “Brenny’s on the brink” sensationalism down here?

I don’t think it’s fair judging any Scottish club by how they fare in the Champions League, and it was a tough draw.


There’s lots of Celtic in crisis talk and rumours of dressing room unrest and a complete breakdown between the board and Rodgers. All this has been strongly refuted by Celtic.

I don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as the press are making out. Plus there’s been a u turn with the press since Gerrard took over and seems to be doing quite well. Up here there has always got to be one side in crisis. For years the whipping boys have quite rightly been Rangers, now it’s Celtics turn. So fickle.

I think Celtic would be mad to get rid of or let Rodgers leave.


Yeah but there’s so little challenge or money in any other competition.

I don’t think he’s on the brink yet, but I sort of see it as beginning of the end.


It’s in the interests of everyone (well, the media) to play up a “faltering Celtic, resurgent Rangers” at this stage. If Celtic had capably defended one of AEK’s three goals we wouldn’t be having this to this extent.

This is the first kind of testing point in his tenure, but the comparitive strength of the squad will show over the season. Probably the best time for Thistle to play us though.

Rodgers might go at the end of this season though, he’ll be aware that further domestic dominance after that won’t really add much more to his reputation and he’s seeing how difficult it is for Celtic to progress in Europe. I feel like if we were more effective in the transfer market we should be able to make more of a Europa League run, but I suppose every team feels like they could do better in the transfer market.


Aye I’d agree with what has been said before but there’s definitely a problem between him and the board about spending money on players. I’d heard some rumours that was a deal arranged for a right back but lawell said the wages were too high, missing on mcginn etc.

You wonder if there is any ones like that you haven’t heard about and also how long stuff like that can go on for before he chucks it.

At the same time I don’t think Rodgers is in a mad rush to go anywhere. I’d read that before celtic he really wanted to manage in la liga so unless something there comes up I don’t really see him going anywhere soon, end of season perhaps.


All sounds sensible.

I suspect the big questions might be asked later on in the season if things are still a bit tense and Pellegrini, Warnock, Benitez, Puel, or Hughes get the boot. Newcastle particularly might seem a good fit, but of course those clubs all have questions about their owners or their patience with managers.

Would be quite cool seeing him at a Betis or a Villarreal after Celtic. I think he’s underrated as a coach because of his…Brentisms when he managed down here. He’s definitely well thought of at City. They tried bringing him in as assistant to Mancini and Pellegrini. Reckon he’s too big a personality to be a number two, but…


The big news is Kingsley is wearing a kilt today.


I see Ally’s returned from his Russian adventure


Photaes please




There goes Kenny Miller, two league games into his managerial career. This season is going to be brilliant.


I mean, what the fuck?


The BBC are reporting it’s because the club saw the ‘manager’ part of his title as more important and he wanted to concentrate on the ‘player’ bit.


To be fair though, his team was beaten by Motherwell, so he probably deserves to go.


Rangers beat FC Ufa 1-0 at home, while Celtic continue their decidedly dodgy start to the season by drawing 1-1 away to Suduva. Both teams will expect to go through next week barring a disastrous performance.


Despite rangers being very decent tonight they still didn’t put the game to bed or work their keeper enough. Glad we didn’t lose an away goal but I’m very nervous about the away leg. Could easily slip up. Think we need to score over there.


Hibs v Aberdeen and Kilmarnock v Hearts the pick of today’s 3pm kick-offs. Rangers away to Motherwell and Celtic at home to Accies tomorrow.




Cracking game, this.