Scottish Football 2019/20 (rolling)

let’s start as we mean to go on here…



cheer up man yr team won 6-0 last night


if Celtic manage to get past Nomme Kalju we’ll play CFR Cluj or Maccabi Haifa in the next qualifier, of the teams we could have drawn that’s one of the kinder ones

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If it’s Maccabi Haifa then uefa can just invoice us now

there were an absolute ton of palestinian flags at the home game against sarajevo and there wasn’t anything mentioned, are we to believe that UEFA applies their rules inconsistently?

So far it’s been a 3:0 win away at QOTS and a 4:0 home win against Morton.

Reckon we’ll go unbeaten this season and win the league by 23 points.

Cue 2:0 defeat by Livingston on first game of the season and a late push for the coveted 7th place

I think it is Maccabi Tel-Aviv rather than Maccabi Haifa.

aye it is indeed, we’ve got previous for this aswell



Selling Candeias seems a bit mad but we do have 4 bajillion midfielders.

we’ve finally signed a right back!

ryan kent comparing himself to prince on instagram apparently, seems weird that he’d be that desperate to go back, surely he has better offers?

i hear klopp won’t allow another loan deal and that we’ll have to pay for him. no way can we afford him unless we sell that eejit morelos.

aye it seems unlikely you’d be able to afford him, i more thought from his perspective he’d have offers from even top 6 championship sides though eh?

maybe he likes the weather up here.

i’m not really feeling much enthusiasm for our new signings thus far.

Aribo looked good when I saw him last season, I think he’ll do well up here

Season starts this weekend. Predictions? Hopes? Fears?

I think Motherwell have had a pretty good close season. The signings we have made look mike they have improved the team so I’m hoping for a top 6 finish. One pundit has us down for third, but that ain’t gonna happen.

Champs - Celtic
Europe - Rangers, Aberdeen, Hibs
League Cup - Motherwell
Scottish Cup - Celtic
Relegation - St Mirren & Fucking Hamilton

I think Celtic should be okay for the league this season, but are still three or four signings from where I’d want to be - if Tierney goes (as looks likely), and if we get into the champions league, I hope we put decent cash into players who are a clear upgrade in certain positions. After three trebles I can see the cups falling by the wayside this season as all concentration goes on the league (and hopefully an improved showing in Europe).

I agree with who you’ve got in the European spots, will be interesting to see if Kilmarnock click under Alessio though, they could get involved if so (could just as easily plummet down the table I suppose).

I enjoyed last season, it all got a bit predictably tiresome with off-field stuff in the second half of it though, hopefully that can all be minimised this time round. Excited!

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What are your sources saying about David Turnbull? January transfer?

i haven’t heard much of late tbh, last i heard celtic had offered to take him on loan for the season with first refusal to sign him if we could get him fit, motherwell understandably hunted them :grin: