Scottish Football 2019/20 (rolling)

Do you think there’s mileage in the argument that the old firm’s refusal to pay market value for Scottish talent is damaging the league? I mean obviously there is bajillions of money floating around the EPL but they do seem to consciously massively inflate the prices of British players (how much is maguire going for? I mean, fuck me) - I’m sure it’s not altruistic but it must be a good thing for smaller teams.

Obviously rangers are worse for this because we have no money, eep.

I think Celtic & Rangers have been short-changing pretty much every other team in Scotland on transfers since at least the early 90’s, probably longer, but I don’t necessarily think the huge inflation of the cost of British players is good for anyone in the long-term.

Least of all the smaller teams as it means that in the end everyone is overpaying for players and at some point you’d expect the bubble to burst and as always the folks at the lower end of the scale are the ones who will suffer the most.

I think the only way the league would improve would be a massive overhaul of how the TV cash is divided to ensure it’s split much more evenly between all the clubs but can’t see the top two ever going for that.

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Looks like he’s genuinely into it, judging by the answers to the three questions. :grinning:

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League season is UP AND RUNNING!

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assuming we get past Cluj we’ve been drawn against Slavia Prague in the play-offs of the CL, tough draw that given they got to the quarter-finals of the Europa last year

Don’t normally make away trips, but I’m tempted by this one if we get through, because I’m owed time off work (and Prague is great).

aye i’d imagine we’ll take a pretty big support over due to how easy it is to get to and the price of a pint

Legia Warsaw/Atromitos vs FC Midtjylland/Rangers
AEK Larnaca/Gent vs HNK Rijeka/Aberdeen

Whichever team loses between Celtic and Cluj drops into the Europa League qualifiers against Sheriff Tiraspol/AIK

Just going to spend the rest of the night watching old Tierney videos


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No chat from Tuesday naw?

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i’m afraid that game was cancelled so i’ve no idea what you’re talking about…


canny fucking believe celtic blew that. christ. fucking beelin.

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for the record i have not switched allegiances. celtic getting papped is irritating on a business level. :slight_smile:

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Hey but your lads looked pretty good here eh? It’s been a couple years since I’ve paid attention to Midtjylland but from when I last checked they were still a decent side so pretty good result eh

how do you pronounce that?!

We’re scoring goals certainly.


It literally means “middle land” cuz they’re from central Denmark


Been a hectic week so I didn’t see the game. I hear Lennon’s team selection was suspect though.

It’s obviously a really bad result at home, given the position we were in and what was at stake, but I’m reluctant to start hammering the panic button yet. We’ve started the league well, and with another couple of players we should be fine domestically, and hopefully there’ll be an improvement in Europe so we can put in a decent Europa League showing. Really stupid way to throw away £30m or however much the champions league is worth though.

Lovely stuff

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he’s such a fucking weapon


With any luck we’ll be able to abandon the whole football thing soon enough.

The team competing in the CWL Championship has five members: Sean “Seany” O’Connor, Shea “QwiKeR” Sweeney, Ben “Bance” Bance, Byron “Nastie” Plumridge and Sam “Chain” Dineley.

Ben “Bance” Bance.