scottish football 2020/21

clay davis jr or eddie howe


as above

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For fucks sake

Another pish result. Surely Lenny can’t have long left

Not on this form. Won 2 in 9 I think, and conceded 21 in that time. Completely all over the place.

Who’s the favourite to replace him? Any truth to the Eddie Howe rumours?

No idea, but he’d fit the profile I would think, so can see why his odds are short.

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Think there are still goals to come from both sides in this benfica game. Good to get our noses in front though.

Saw the tail end of the celtic game. Was surprised to see how casually bain was jogging back to his line after being rounded up the pitch. Must be maddening to see that sort of stuff even when you’re 3 - 1 down.

Fuck sake.

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:laughing: … bout time youse had something to be mildly displeased about this season!

won’t do much harm though - the result in liege means that rangers and benfica are pretty much through

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Feckin irritating but we’re still in a very good place :+1:

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As far as a run of form goes I can’t remember a period like this, since maybe John Barnes era.

Yeah, the Mowbray spell has pretty much been erased from my memory so can’t remember right now if that was as bad as this. We haven’t looked great all season, but the last 6 weeks has been a sharp decline.

Can’t see Lennon being in charge for the next game now, don’t know who we’ll get in.

in the name of fuck celtic. this means you’ll maybe fast track getting rod of lennon but i want him to stay on.
dreadful result right enough

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There was talk yesterday of it being Martin O’Neil and Roy Keane on a short term deal. Surely that’s a step even further back!

ngl, i roared with laughter at today’s result. certainly expected them to beat rossco

I really want to ask 'Coisty something but I don’t know what. Your move, lads.

And what would you like to ask him?

last time i met super ally i could barely speak, i was in my 30s. such is the god like status of this man to me. :grimacing: :joy:
what do you ask god?! :slight_smile: :wink:

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