scottish football 2020/21

a well deserved holiday in dubai for the celtic lads!

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I mean, it’s easy to scoff at but it’s probably exactly what they need right now

Yes!!! Brilliant!!
Apparently he was absolutely diabolical in goals!

yeah that holiday looks like it’s worked out well for celtic. christ almighty

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How much will that net celtic?

nothing yet as it’s a loan deal, the sell on clause is apparently 10% though

Surely that’s the end of the road now

Every new low has the flavour of “now let’s see Trump wriggle his way out of this one!” to it unfortunately

Saw the second half and I felt a bit sorry for the players that are going to have this responsibility, at least partially, laid at their door but ultimately livingston looked far hungrier and had the benefit of being well organised, used to a system and comfortable playing together.

Yeah starting to get a sneaking suspicion 10
In a row ain’t happening :thinking:

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think we’re gonna be dropping some points today. listening on the radio, sounds like we’re playing pish

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Actually said on friday that I thought both celtic and rangers would draw this weekend. We’ve not been great for a few weeks now.

It’s not over till It’s over. Can’t relax for a second in this title race.

Reckon celtic will be spurred on to thump livingston on Wednesday.

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yeah a bunch of my pals already have us winning the league as if its impossible for celtic to catch us.
they shouldn’t catch us but till it’s done it ain’t done.

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We’re fucking dreadful right now, like can’t defend anything and completely toothless up front, wouldn’t bet on us thumping anyone.

I understand you lot being cautious about celebrating too early, but there’s nothing that’s happened so far this season that indicates we’ll put any kind of run together, never mind winning every game between now and the end. Don’t think we’ve managed three wins in a row at any point this season yet.


yeah we’re certainly gonna drop more points but just don’t see celtic putting a good run of wins together.

interesting press conference from Lenny, really doubling down.
‘everyone’s negative, the whole squad is negative bar 2 players…’

he’s an absolute fucking moron

the entire PR strategy at the club has been a shambles from the 2019 Scottish Cup Final onward

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