scottish football 2020/21

the second st johnstone equalised i knew we’d lose on penalties. fair play to them, they hung in there and deserved their semi final slot.


We were rank and St.Johnstone deserved something.

When you are 1 minute from going through and there’s a corner maybe make sure you mark the tallest guy in the box.



canny believe how much space they had in the box for that corner, shocking defending.

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equally surprising is that your lot completely missed the guy wearing green

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it was nice of us to also bow out at the quarters in spectacular fashion just so’s i can enjoy the remainder of ths competition as a neutral



Have streamed two thistle games this year and won both 5-0 :sunglasses:


We’re on our way!

Can someone explain the context of this please it seems like something vitally important

Mini Me’s fingers giving the 5-1, which is the result Hearts beat Hibs by in the Scottish Cup Final nearly a decade ago. Hearts fans still consider any reference to it to be the height of wit.

No idea who the other bloke is, though.

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I cannot believe there is football still happening


very open game this, even with the extra man i see this being a tough second half for us.

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It isn’t

Simpson is baws.

Tell you what, that was class from Defoe


Delighted for Defoe. Guys a fucking class act. :+1:

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Been really neglected this year.

Is he off at the end of the season?!

Think he’s looking for more regular football.

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barry ferguson is a football manager, did you know that?

all the best kelty hearts in the league 2 playoff final