scottish football 2020/21

and sorry hibs, but i’ll be wishing Cup Glory for whichever saintly club makes it to the final

Mayor Kenny out of the Euros :sob:

Gotta be honest I’ve never seen him bring anything to the table when playing for Scotland. That could be just clarke’s tactics, to be fair.

Other than scoring the penalty that got us to qualify :wink:

He’s no the flashiest of players but he’s reliable and solid, offers very good protection for the back line, which we need if we’re gonna go anywhere in this tournament. He’s also coming off a fantastic season with a championship winning side so I would consider it a big loss (however biased) even if he doesn’t always start

Well done MFC!!

Giving an option for people to donate money towards a season ticket for someone who can’t afford one is a brilliant idea!!


Broony corpsing?

looking forward til our participation in the the relegation playoff myself


The leagues ours to throw away now

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Blows my mind Aberdeen managed to finish fourth. We have been relentlessly shit through the whole of 2021. I’d much rather have seen St Johnstone or Livingston get the European spot tbh - Their fans would at least look forward to it with a feeling other than dread.

Mon rangers, don’t blow it now


perth saints have qualified for europe btw - europa league if they win the cup, “conference league” if hibs win

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At least this time you don’t have to spend a romantic evening in Burnley.

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Glad to see County safe (I’ve got a soft spot for both Highland teams). I can see Killie surviving the play-off, but it is strange to see them finally on the verge of relegation. They’ve been in the Premiership as long as I’ve been following football but haven’t felt like a Premiership team for quite some time.

feeling somewhat confident going into the play off - form is decent and we’re scoring goals. i’m surprised we’ve stayed up as long as we have, escaped by the skin of our teeth a decade ago when relegation would have had disastrous financial consequences.

ignominy aside, personally i wouldn’t be distraught if we went down for a season or two. would be a change of scenery and there’d be FOUR games against ayr

we were 3rd two seasons ago!

and then stevie got the call…