scottish football 2020/21

No, no. This should be in every thread.


Malky McKay, eh?

i’d like to see malky mackay wriggle out of THIS jam!

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Are… we the ones in the banter years now?

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Really hope a good inside story of the post-Rodgers years is made someday. Unbelievable levels of arrogance and buffoonery

If we sign that useless lump mcburnie I’m divorcing football.


what the fuck is going on at celtic?!

Absolutely no idea, I keep laughing at how ridiculous it’s gotten. Just went from being in such a comfortable position a couple of years ago to being incapable of making a correct decision.

it’s so ridiculous given as you say how comfortable you’ve been of late. total shambles.


How are the board’s celtic fans feeling about this guy, Postecoglou?

Know next to nothing about him.

much like everything else the club have done in the period since Rodgers left, it looks like a shambles and has already been a total PR disaster before he’s arrived.

The rumour is he’s only been approached because of his links with the city football group, which coincidentally is how we ended up with Deila.

I’ve seen some people who follow Australian/Japanese football try and point to his record of getting Australia to the World Cup and going unbeaten in their league, but he’s got a huge rebuild on his hands and doing that with someone who has never coached in Europe and has no reputation over here to attract new players is pretty uninspiring.

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Always worrying when a foreign manager comes in for a rebuild. The big question is how familiar are they with the standard of player required for the Scottish league.

Will be nice to just have a manager again. I’m not getting on the guy’s case before he’s even in the door, but having said that he won’t get the benefit of a lot of patience from people.

So shambolic that it’s taken this long to get a manager in - considering that Lennon’s job looked doomed from about November, they should have been ready with a replacement as soon as he was sacked. Christ knows what exactly happened with Howe, but they should never have allowed an unemployed guy to wait so long without committing, he should have been given an ultimatum months earlier.

All the change at the top of the club at once has just left absolutely no decisions getting made.


I like this.

  1. David Marshall
  2. Stephen O’Donnell
  3. Andy Robertson
  4. Scott McTominay
  5. Grant Hanley
  6. Kieran Tierney
  7. John McGinn
  8. Callum McGregor
  9. Lyndon Dykes
  10. Ché Adams
  11. Ryan Christie
  12. Craig Gordon
  13. Greg Taylor
  14. John Fleck
  15. Declan Gallagher
  16. Liam Cooper
  17. Stuart Armstrong
  18. David Turnbull
  19. Kevin Nisbet
  20. Ryan Fraser
  21. Jon McLaughlin
  22. Nathan Patterson
  23. Billy Gilmour
  24. Jack Hendry
  25. James Forrest
  26. Scott McKenna

so celtic finally get a manager in place

think this is a really interesting signing as manager, clearly not first choice but from everything i’ve read he plays good pressing football. in some respects he comes without much expectation so perhaps that’ll work out for him.
After Lubo i’ve learnt my lesson about winding up my celtic pals when they sign someone i have never heard of. :slight_smile:

We stop the 10, st johnstone win the 2 trophies, celtic finally get their man in, brown off to aberdeen and we’ve got the euros to look forward to.
It’s all go :grinning:

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Yeah, let’s see what the guy can do.

Mainly I’m relieved because it means the group chat can calm down a bit with the freaking out over no manager, and I can enjoy the euros now.

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More of this kind of thing please

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SFA have announced the team won’t take the knee during the Euros (with a press release of weird wordplay):

I’ve read it came from the team themselves, BAME players included. I can sort of understand the decision - inevitably being booed by a bunch of racist pricks as you begin your day job can hardly be a fun experience. It’s really not going to look great when other teams are doing it though. :slightly_frowning_face: Bleh. Fuck racists.

Yeah can’t wait for how it’s going to look Vs England…

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