Scottish Football 2021-22

Best start a new one…

I’ve got the Aberdeen game on. We look really good. The most dominant I’ve ever seen us. It’s… bizarre tbh. (I know nothing about Hacken though so there’s every chance we come unstuck in our next game.)

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Celtic picking up where they left off :grimacing:


Noooooo, won’t someone think of the coefficient.

When your first choice right back is Ralston you’re setting yourself up for failure.

The absolute inertia of the Celtic board means I’m not overly confident we’ll even finish 2nd this season.

Need a defence, this is an absolute shambles.


My friend can’t make the game on saturday so he’s given me his ticket. This will be the first time i’ve been to see rangers play in approx 6 years or so. I’m very excited. :relaxed: :grinning:


Hopefully you’re a jinx :crossed_fingers:

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if so it might be the best chance you guys have this season. :wink:


Kinda looking forward to the new season. Reckon we might finish 5th or 6th behind Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen and Hibs.

Made some good signings including the goalkeeper Kelly, Slattery in midfield and Van Ween up front.

Shame that the best looking man in football, Stephen O’Donnell, is going to leave.


Back, baby.


Humdingers. Redefined.


Jam Tarts off to a good start!!

Craig Gordon is there who knew

(Yes, i know, everyone in scotland)

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Fun stuff.

Rangers clinched the title already! Surely a record


No you told yer pals that Postecoglu was a progressive appointment.

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Honestly can’t believe how they didn’t flog Edouard in the winter and put the money towards giving Howe whatever he wanted.


Ultimately nothing good is happening with that keeper and defence, so these results will keep happening until those problems are addressed. There was about a 50-minute spell of complete dominance, but it wasn’t really turned into anything clear-cut. Some positives compared to last season though, not really anything jumping out so far that I’d blame the manager for considering what he’s inherited.


I mean you’ve got to be sure, really really sure when you appoint a random no-one has heard of.

Surely the manager is not to blame yet but his body language wasn’t great when they were losing. I mean obviously that’s a lot of shite but it doesn’t play well with the support if you look a bit passive when your team go one down.

Be interested to hear from the sane and non-reactionary celtic fans we have on the board.

I don’t think finances were the issue in getting Howe up here.

I thought the Dr. meant in the sense of promising enough transfer budget for him.

But maybe that wasn’t the reason he didn’t fancy it. I dunno.