Scottish Football 2021-22

But I guess this is the key thing innit. Teams fancy their chances of nicking a couple right now.

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Either way, I mean I suppose there is some level of budget that would have attracted him, but I get the feeling it would have had to have been something pretty special to get over whatever reticence he had.

The whole situation hasn’t been helped by the clear lack of any succession planning or leadership at the top of the club for the last couple of years, obviously.

The time will come when Postecoglou will take the blame for results, but it’s not while it’s still July with the squad he’s got.

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Yeah, teams are in no way intimidated by us at the moment.

Yeah @SenorDingDong that’s what I was getting at. But although if they were willing to do that, there wouldn’t be the rest of the behind the scenes bullshit so maybe a moot point. Either way, it’s a shame, truly. Shame to see it upsetting pals.

Fuckin hell Celtic.

Meanwhile both Thistles of the Partick and Inverness top the championship after day 1 :relaxed:

Obviously we’ve had more than our fair share of fun over the last decade, so wouldn’t blame anyone for gloating. I kind of think the main joy in football isn’t even success, as much as feeling like things are moving in the right direction (obviously success is the ideal end product of that), so when everything pretty much stalls it becomes shit (boo-hoo, etc).

Few defenders and we’ll be alright, maybe.

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So Ibrox yesterday for the first time in years. Was both excited and apprehensive en route, also hanging a fair bit from the night before.
Got to the stadium, seats in west enclosure. Awh man when you walk in and up the stairs and you can hear the fans signing, then you get up and see the green of the pitch and see all the fans…the hairs on the back of neck were standing.

Was genuinely quite emotional. How i missed it.
That being said i knew the teams weere gonna be taking the knee and was worried some dickhead fans might boo but no the whole stadium roared their approval.
And must say for 90mins the fans behaved themselves, was a real party atmosphere. Aye there were a few derogatory things shouted about the pope but it was noticeably improved from the last time i was there.

Comfortable game, we barely got out of second gear, the boys all looked in great shape and that boy Bassey up close, christ he’s a big lad. :slight_smile:

Loved it, and caught up with a pal i hadn’t seen in over 2 years afterwards. So good to see him.


Wow, pleasantly surprised by this, glad you had a good day big yin!

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Motherwell Hibs game was fantastic entertainment

What’s the deal with Rangers not showing any cinch banners then?

Haven’t supported Celtic in a long time, but they’re looking about as good as the Brady / Macari era right now.

One of their board members owns a car dealership of some sort.

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The squad is probably the weakest this century. Where Rodgers improved players, Lennon regressed them & now the best talents have been sold (or will shortly be sold) & the rumoured incomings (Hart, Mccarthy) look like more short sighted drains of resources.

If I had any say I’d be giving Aberdeen & Hibs whatever their respective asking prices are for Ferguson and Nisbet ASAP.

yeah chairman is douglas park, cinch is a competitor and apparently there’s some kida loophole where rangers don’t have to promote cinch. well according to rangers that is.

Rangers love a loophole, don’t they.


we love em. :laughing:

not football related but playing Dumbarnie again tomorrow as part of a charity golf day. canny wait. :+1:

Ha, sounds about right

Joe Hart <> Carl Muggleton
James McCarthy <> Tony Cascarino

Think my team Sunderland will need to issue a hands-off on them trying t bring McGeady back :wink:

Ah, nice one! Great course.
I might try and get a round there next week when we have (football related) Roy Evans son staying with us. He’s a keen golfer.

EDIT----yeah, I name dropped. Don’t @ me

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Celtic have signed Joe Hart and James McCarthy then, both of whom could be really good signings, remains to be seen how it goes for them. Need a settled defence in front of Hart though if this is going to work.