Scottish Football 2022-23

This grey kit isn’t ideal against St Mirren


So glad I posted this at the start of the game so it can be used as an excuse for this dire performance


Some really good aggressive defending from St Mirren

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Completely flat performance from Celtic, really missed CCV at the back as well.

One of those games where there’s quite a few lineup changes and everyone plays like they’ve never seen each other before. Frustrating. Fair play to St Mirren, deserved win.

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Talked myself out of going to Hampden tonight. What a calamity.

Much much better from Scotland.

Hoping to do ireland on Saturday. Sorry Ireland.


Just watched the highlights. Looks like we battered them. So many chances.

I have a household of me, the Scottish one, Mrs casinobay, the Irish one and Nastya, the Ukrainian one, so this week is quite exciting!!


Aberdeen’s chairman talking absolute pish about the proposed Sky TV deal for the SPFL

I wouldn’t take Ryan Jack in my fives team.

He’s not been good but greg taylor is getting ridden.

This is not a tit or tat thing, it’s more all their chances are coming down that side and he’s struggling.

The entire left hand side has been poor to be fair.

Kenny McLean is absolutely dugmeat too.

Aye mclean needs to get hooked.

He looked on to me.


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Drab stuff but defensively things were promising. Swing between liking porteous and thinking he is a wee shite but he, hickey and hendry were great.

Mclean serves no purpose. Taylor was left totally isolated and just didn’t look anywhere near good enough tonight.

As much as I love The Mayor even I have to admit he was pretty poor this evening but fuck it, WE DID IT

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