Scottish Football 2023/24

As we’ve finally completed the migration and the new fixture list is out I thought it was time for a new thread!

Our fans are already moaning about the first 6 games we’ve been given and crying conspiracy…

It looks like Jota is away to Saudi Arabia where he’ll earn a life changing amount of money, but it still feels like an odd move for a 24 year old.


Not fun to lose the better players, but we literally buy these players to move them on at a profit, so this is positive (if it means we start climbing the ladder in terms of players we invest in).

I was actually discussing this with the father in law earlier. Celitc have been a lot more savvy business wise than us for ages. We’ve missed the boat with quite a few, i suppose the obvious ones are morelos and kent (we were never gonna get loads for them but at the right time we could have made a good return) but i think over the years there will be more that i can’t think of cause I’ve had a number of beers.

Very excited about the new season cause of our very random transfer flailings - it’ll be paul le guen levels of figuring out to what extent player x or player y is good enough. Fun. Genuinely.

Also hope Ange does well at tottenham cause he was a sound guy and it is comforting to be back to thinking your manager is a fud cause rodgers is a five star dickhead.

Should be a good season.

I thought when you moved Bassey on that you had turned a bit of a corner and moved to selling players on when their value was high, but then the Kent/Morelos stuff followed (Kent particularly was a bit of a mess I thought – Celtic or Rangers don’t sign players in their early 20s for £7m to let them go for nothing).

No idea really what our squad will look like on day one of the season.

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Aye i’m massively in favour of the financial model we use, but I’ll be surprised if we actually make any substantial change to that in terms of the players we sign even now Rodgers is back.


Jota for £25 million is incredibly good business if that’s what you end up getting.

But then it is impossible to wrap your head around transfer prices now, just so difficult to estimate a player’s value.

Somewhere in the back of my mind i still have Bebeto £15million as the most expensive player in the world because of sensible soccer.

I think it’s clearly a great financial return on the player but would argue that it’s only “good business” if the club have a replacement lined up who can perform at the same high level.

It’s possible they’re planning on it being Tilio who we’ve just signed from Melbourne City but there’s no guarantee there.

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Similarly, I judge any expensive defender going anywhere against Keith Curle being worth £2.5m in 1991.


yeah i mean i get it, £10m a year tax free, nice bit of money. But surely someone of Jota’s quality could play in some proper leagues till at least the age of 30 and then get that nice little pension at the end. Anyway, good bit of business for celtic.

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Oh the Cinch District!

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This Jota announcement video is absolutely bizarre.


Jesus lord that is nightmare fuel

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Surprisingly good patter this from Hibs.



Been watching the rangers’ friendlies by entirely legitimate means, officer and unsurprisingly we’re incredibly disjointed, I’m sure that’ll improve with a more settled 11 but…

How is he gonna manage to do that? We have, at my count, 437 midfielders. How can you keep them all happy?

Lammers looks alright but i can see why he has scored so few goals, he’s just not that type of player which is fine if we have a proper goalscorer somewhere. Will it be dessers? Dunno. Danilo looks a good player but I’ve a feeling that one is going to slip away if we keep trying to get him on the cheap. Raskin, dowell and cantwell (still) look good.

We’re also not exactly have an entirely successful time trying to move on our fringe guys.

Also it’s sad how few of our academy players get a proper chance before they get snapped up on the cheap and i’d argue with some confidence and gametime some of them would be better bets than the players we’re paying far bigger wages to.

I’ve no idea how accurate this list is, but it makes for pretty grim reading in terms of players you could argue have had successful careers after coming through your academy in the last 10/15 years.

It could also be part of the problem is not just the good prospects aren’t getting a chance, but are being poached by EPL academies as players know that even if they get one pro contract at the end of it they could get triple the wages they could up here.

That has certainly happened to us in the last few years with Ben Doak and Barry Hepburn who left for Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

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This is a surprisingly heartwarming tale featuring Jim Traynor, which is a sentence I’m not sure has ever been used before.


Can’t get on Twitter. What’s traynor saying to it?!

This has been a problem for far too long and I can’t see it ever changing.

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