Scottish Football 2023/24

I like Caley, always bring a decent/vocal amount of fans considering how far it is

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Quite a few of them including a couple pals of mine live central belt tbf

I wonder how bad this boy’s hangover was yesterday?


I like how the steward with the pink top on who is getting hugged looks like he has 3 legs


Montgomery sacked at Hibs. They’re going to have to try and stick with one soon, their last few years have been ridiculous (five managers appointed then sacked since 2019).

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Christ I said if go with a pal to the match tonight. So can’t be fucked :weary::joy::joy:

Reckon one of the reasons Motherwell stuck with Kettlewell after a horror run from October to late December last year was because we were still paying off Alexander and Hammell (and their backroom teams).

Hibs might well be still paying managers, then have to pay for a new one! It’s unsustainable.

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Well at least you wouldn’t have been bored.

Missed the 1st half as i was at physio but from the radio commentary that i heard we sounded dire.

Much better energy in the 2nd half but, with respect, we were at home against dundee. Thought the young lads looked decent.

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What a ridiculous match :joy:

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The biggest surprise in all of this is that Willie Collum is only 45.

fuckin whit?!

At Easter Road tonight for the prestigious race for 7th place match!!


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In other refereeing news, Les Mottram is a new member of my golf club!

Won the fucking league didn’t we


Weird to think that, apart from one bad managerial decision, you’d be sitting on 14 in a row.



Feel like this season might have been the tipping point. If we could have got over the line, even though i never thought it was all that likely at any point, we could have been on the road to being able to compete in the seasons to come.

But i think with the money from champions league and from selling o’riley it could leave us in the dust especially given the rebuild job required at rangers. Which is shite cause this season has been a great ride and if it is clearly won early doors, what’s the point?

Depth of celtic’s squad was the key. You had the likes of forrest coming good at the right time and we’re having to play wright or sterling way out of position.

I reckon I’d keep raskin, yilmaz, dessers, diomande, butland, souttar, cortes, a crop of the young lads, danilo, sterling, mccausland. Not sure about sima as dunno if he is consistent enough given the money that we’ll have to stump up.

The rest can go. Maybe get hagi and lammers back and give them a chance to prove themselves.

But how do we possibly afford that sort of rebuild.

Anyway, fucking euros on the horizon, cannae wait.

Celtic are on a more solid footing with the CL cash etc, yeah. But that was also the case last summer (treble winners, qualified for CL, Jota cash), and if Rangers hadn’t nosedived after the 3-3 draw at Ibrox with the Dundee and Ross County results we’d probably be going into a final day decider.

If Rangers get the results they should elsewhere in the league (which Clement was managing for a while), then there’s a limit as to how far Celtic can stretch ahead, and it will stay tight at the top. I realise that’s easier said than done, but things change quickly, no matter how well setup it looks. Celtic could well have a summer transfer window as bad as the January one, Rodgers falls out and walks, then it’s all up in the air again. Who knows. Celtic definitely on the stronger platform now though, not going to downplay that.

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Ewan Murray with another bizarre article in the Guardian yesterday.

Accusing Rodgers of "disrespecting his working environment" because he said he wasn’t going to watch the Dundee v Rangers game.

He’s such a weird bitter wee man.


Thistle actually doing way better than expected is proper giving me the fear after last year

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Thistle fans have been excellent tonight!