Scottish Football 2023/24

The standard of that second half was abysmal.

Hope we can get close to our first choice back four soon.

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Dreadful, all our new signings look pish.
No pass marks to any of them.
Beale has failed at every major game

If we can’t beat Celtic today then I don’t see how we beat them all season

Butland aside

I thought McGregor was outstanding today after having a pretty underwhelming start to the season.

The disallowed goal is probably the right decision but I can see why you’d be upset if it was given against you.

That said, the indignation from some Rangers fans given some of the VAR decisions they’ve had previously is pretty hilarious.


Classic mason chat. I fuckin knew it :laughing:

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Yeah McGregor was great in the first half. I think once the midfield has settled a bit (McGregor/Hatate/O’Riley probably, or maybe the new guy in there), we’ll look a lot better.

Turnbull played really well in the opening league game this season, but he’s not who should be starting in any kind of big game for us.

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When I first saw the replay i thought it was definitely a foul. But not 100% sure. They’re really difficult because is it someone kicking the back of someone’s leg or is it someone blocking the ball from being kicked. Very fine margin.

Think you probably after to give the benefit to the player in possession, unless the other player nicks the ball.

Like if it was in the penalty area and it blocked someone taking a shot, it probably should be a pen.

My opinion is that basically I’d want my defender to be strong enough to hold off a challenge in that situation. I was surprised it got called over to the screen – fair enough if the ref blows for the foul in real time, but the decision wasn’t so outrageous to call it back.

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I can’t believe I’m posting this, but I agree with Bobby Madden…


I mean, obviously crackpots in the support are going to rant nonsense but the jarring thing about this decision is - and madden acknowledges this - is that this is a rule that you just rarely see enforced prior to var.

Folk nick in and steal the ball exactly like this ALL the time and will continue to do so without it being blown for. The frustrating thing is that this was only a foul as it led to a goal. If it led to a corner that led to a goal or a subsequent foul that led to a goal then it wouldn’t have… blah blah, i mean this is going to sound very silly if you think it was the right decision.

I suppose it might just be a consequence of var shining a light on a rule that doesn’t really make sense, and it hasn’t been thrown into the light before as its never generally blown for and/or it if was blown on occasions in the past it was before a player had the chance to go on and score which makes it seem less glaring. I suppose a wee bit like var is making handball ever more contentious in a letter of the law way.

Ultimately I’m rambling and frustrated that rangers just didn’t play well enough but it remains a decision that was ‘wrong’ in my opinion. If there was no var, i doubt any reasonable fan would be arguing play should have been pulled back for a foul.

It’s definitely become more prominent with VAR but at least this decision shows it’s arguably being applied consistently.

Unless you think the one today is a foul and the one below isn’t?

That wasn’t a free kick either. Looks more like sands kicked the pitch. Had kind of forgotten all about james sands.

Celtic should be pretty embarrassed by only scraping a 1:0 win against a bang average mid table team.

Feeling confident that Motherwell will win the league by mid April this season.

In Kettlewell we trust!



The proposals in this consultation on supporters buses are absolutely ridiculous.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

Spain delivering the goods so far :eyes:

Jeez :laughing:

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Probably said it before but big fan of Spain playing two French centre backs

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Think walking around my end of Glasgow tonight is the most Scotland tops I’ve ever seen when we’re not playing at home.

Used to be a lot more shame attached to watching Scotland, this is weird.