Scottish Gin Society ads

What do we think about these dickheads then?

“I like gin and that is a personality trait” is the absolute fucking pits and it is ludicrously prevalent.


It’s really put me off gin, the association with the utter bellends and bars where all the staff wear braces or aprons or bollocks like that. You’re not in a speakeasy. Grow up


It’s a shame but I fucking love gin* so fuck it.

*and it defines me


Pretty irresponsible.

what used to be a decent pub in the city centre here with a nice beer garden has recently rebranded and called itself ‘Peaky Blinders’ (yes, seriously) and the door staff now wear bowler hats. too embarrassing to ever set foot in there again.

Is it gin o’clock yet???

There’s a gin place opened up in Hove, and the owners / management built a faraday cage into it so that there’s no phone reception. I’m a big fan of gin, but it seems that overconsumption might turn you into a bellend.

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Gin is definitely a drink at home drink isn’t it.

Would never go out to town and order gin in a bar, unless maaaaybe at the theatre or in a wanky cocktail.

It’s a hot day, and you’re being a tourist and stopping off for a drink mid-afternoon because you’ve found a great place to drink which has an outdoor area. You don’t want a pint of beer, since there’s more sightseeing to be done later on and you don’t want all that liquid sloshing around you, so something short and refreshing. G&T in the sunshine would work perfectly in this situation.

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Proper holiday drink for me. Sat at a seafront terrace/bar, generously poured measures into a massive glass, wee splash of fever tree :ok_hand:

Can I interest you in an aperol spritz?

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Nothing should be naturally that colour, so I’ll pass thanks.

bit colonial, isn’t it

So you’ll be stopping drinking tea too then?

if i’m out for a big night and i’m starting to struggle with pints after a few i’ll move onto gin and tonic. don’t really like many other spirits so gin would be my preferred choice.

i hate it when they ask me what kind of gin i want though. the cheapest please, obviously.


obviously. I’ve never eaten a potato either

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quite like Gini the soft drink


I do love a G&T on the right occasion, but what I hate it is the fetishization of the drink, with twee gin bars who serve it in china cups, and people who post things like ‘Uh-oh, bit of a GINCIDENT last night’. etc.


I made the best gin drink ever this Summer. Quartered strawberries left to soak in lemon juice and caster sugar. Add all of it to 1 litre of sloe gin, 1 litre of tonic water and stir in loads of crushed ice. Voila! A giant alcoholic slush puppy.