Scottish Independence II: The Bloodening



What does @TheWza think of all this?


c/p from Brexit thread:


i reckon broadly in favour


I imagine he’s very excited for a new referendum.


honestly don’t know how i’ll vote, can you decide for me please dis:

  • fuckin aye
  • gosh no

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I reckon he’s had to nip to the loo to spaff one out.


Spain already said it’d veto Scottish membership cos it doesn’t want the Catalans getting any ideas


Well yeah, but if they had to do it between Scotland and England I think that would make leavers take more notice.


If Scotland leave the UK but join the EU, are they getting control of their country back?


Great news. I hope they make the right decision this time.


They said immediately following the Brexit referendum that they would not support Scottish EU membership. Could be an empty threat though, and if things continue as they are now, Scotland may prefer to be independent with or without the EU


Ffs. We should just get rid of countries, either become one super state or just lots of tiny states like it used to be.


@_Em to thread!


from the guardian

“The latest poll, published on Thursday by the Herald from BMG, found independence does not have a majority and that only 12% of voters would switch to back leaving the UK if there was a hard Brexit. It found 47% were against independence, 38% in favour and 12% undecided.”

That 12% would be decisive then?


Would Scotland be negotiating an exit from the UK and an entrance to the EU while the UK negotiate an exit from the EU?

Are there enough negotiators to handle all of this?




This is why I don’t think Sturgeon’s serious about holding another referendum in the near future - I don’t think the SNP can’t afford to lose a second one within a decade of the first. It’s probably no more than an attempt to negotiate better terms for Scotland from Westminster.


Hi SDD. Can you make a “This is the 2pm to 2:59pm thread” please? That was always my favourite one.


Is this JohnM?

I’d love to, but think it would be a betrayal of the intimacy that developed on the errors board in those final weeks. Treasured memories.


Hahaha we’re going to be England, Wales, NI and poor.