Scottish Islands and Highlands advice thread

Hiya pals!

My gf and I are looking for a wee trip up north before we most likely move away in a couple months, so if anyone has any recs of weekend trips which can be gone easy enough and cheaply. Saw there were cheap flights up to Inverness this month for instance, but let me know what you got!

Places that are gorgeous and lovely to visit:


Yeah, driving to Fort William and to Mallaig is pretty awesome, through Glencoe. We stayed in yurts by Ben Nevis. Not sure how fun that would be in winter. Maybe quite fun.

I’d love to go to Up Helly Aa in the Shetlands, but it’s not going to happen this year, seeing as it’s this month and I won’t be in the country anyway. Maybe next year.

Orkney is also the archaeologist’s dream. These houses are from the Stone Age.

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** I’ve been trying to get the photo to load for ages so others have already covered this but…

The western isles are amazing, have you been up that way before? You’d need to hire a car if flying into Inverness so I’d skip the flight and just drive across to the west coast then pick an island or two. I did the route below in august and it was absolutely incredible, but it did take a week so you’d probably want to skip Skye if you just want to do weekends. Bare in mind the weather will be…variable!

If you have an idea in mind and want any specific advise let me know.


Mull and Iona are really nice. It looks like it is possible to get their (Oban) by bus from Inverness (or train from Glasgow). Mull has a limited bus service that joins both ends of the island. Bute is also nice and easy to get to from Glasgow

Skara Brae! I’d love to visit that site!

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Me too.

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Been to Oban and Arran so further north! Rest looks good though

You shouldn’t admit you’re so old.


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I take it you both saw the programme last night about Orkney? If not it was in bbc2 and really interesting


Afraid not- I’ll check it out on iplayer when I get a chance. Current;y visiting my dad, and the tv gets continually monopolised by football.

Nope, don’t have BBC2 unfortunately. Might see if I can watch it later so thanks for the heads up! Studied archaeology in uni and am still really into it.

Personally I am more about the Bronze age, but I will make exceptions for places like Skara Brae.

Did a lot on the Neolithic in uni (lots of passage tombs/dolmens here) so I am interested but the Vikings are more my thing. Skara Brae gets a pass due to it being so well-preserved.

All that excellent peat to preserve things in Ireland too.

Does anyone want some bog butter?

It was called something’s like ‘britains ancient capital’ and was heavy on the archeology.