Scottish Monday aka 3rd January evening thread - had any racist sandwiches* recently?

Got bare cupboards so have just been informed that tonight’s dinner is pizza with naan and humous on the side and some steamed vegetables.

*shorthand for clumsy and/or offensive cultural appropriation in food.

Going to pub to drink away (have one pint a very shitty day. Fish and ‘mashy peas’ when I get in with a few beers and Rick Stein

I’m making a veggie mole.

It looks excellent and I think St Rick might be disappointed.

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getting mad anxiety about starting this etsy thingie :frowning:

I’m looking at rescue dogs again.

Look at Tilly!



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that dangling bracket is making me uncomfortable

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Alright mate no need to brag about having LOADS of cupboards (I’m bored)


ao man, just so you know, that thing for me - there is absolutely zero time pressure on it, or any pressure. look after yourself.

nah that’s been good! I’ve put a lot of effort in and it should be done by the end of the week. I’m fine doing the work it’s just selling myself that I suck at

but thank you :slight_smile:

It tasted excellent.

I’m sorry Rick.


I think the dinner thread has taken away a bit of interest in this one.

I posted in there and now I don’t have anything to post in here about

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Every meal in there is racist af as well

ahh good stuff. don’t really know if i could give any advice on selling yourself. suppose the good thing is that you only have to set all that shit up once and after that it should sort of start running under it’s own steam more & more as you go along.

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yeah fingers crossed, thanks :slight_smile:

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The Stein thread is open for business.

wondering why my rice was taking so long

didn’t switch the rice cooker on did i? :upside_down_face: