Scottish National Heritage has authorised a murder of ravens



What if one has 3 eyes?


waits for obvious response


I guess you could say it’s a mur

ah fuck it


Crows mate, not Ravens.


Same thing mate


they’re raven mad

(seriously this is horrible)


An unkindness of gamekeepers.


You see @83746725 this guy knows a gathering of Ravens is an Unkindness


Alright Theo, no need to be a big bully


Links at the end for how to help including this petition


Tbf it was only recently I discovered geese aren’t just long-necked ducks, genetically speaking


We had a pigeon knocking at our patio doors yesterday evening. It didn’t fly off when I opened the back door. It looked in fine fettle. So I fed it. Later it seemed to be gone but it was back this morning. Looking up at me and approaching the back door. I fed it again and then noticed a ring on its leg. Looked up what to do on a homing pigeon site. Then we went out to catch it and the prick flew off and was on a neighbour’s roof for ages. Current whereabouts unknown.


I was going to cut down the ivy yesterday that is starting to take over the back of our house, but then discovered a nest of many robins in there. Cute and also annoying…


What are you supposed to do?


Fly back to where you came from.


You can find out who it belongs to via the code on the ring or sometimes they have a mobile number stamped under their flight wings. Apparently they will only collect a captured one not just loose in your garden.


Only 300? Who gives a shit?


Alright, invading Turks


It came back but flew off again when we tried to catch it.


You probably fed it the wrong food and if you catch it the owner will later sue you.