🅰️ Scrabble thread 🅱️ (Rolling)

Seeing as we are all signing up to ISC let’s make a thread to play!

My username is eldingers :relaxed:


Played some IRL Scrabble and actually won a game (usually my mum is unstoppable)

We play with my stepdad’s uncle and he is always at least 100 points behind everyone else.


Dewdney. Still getting to grips with the website so might accidentally disappear mid-game or something.

I wanna buy a board but they’re expensive and apparently the new ones are really cheaply made
that one looks nice though


fucking hell

…sorry, misread


Me and Mrs Dewdney have an ongoing IRL competition which I believe she is currently leading.

It took all my strength not to put an E down tbf

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I don’t know how it works though

ISC. gosh. i did not expect this of DiS.

I’m andyk79 - blurred as it’s my real name. The mobile site is a bit shit tbh but it’s fine on a laptop :slight_smile:

Am feeling a bit like this with half of DiS descending on ISC though :smiley:

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I sent you a game request just now but I’m not sure what that does.

It sent a request but then said you were in another game so the game was aborted

Basically you can either okay a game with someone else on there or set up your own game. Some of the games are insanely short (3 minutes total per player) but they’re quite fun too.

There are mods on there who are beautifully rude :smiley:

I am emmmmmmm (m x 7) on ISC

I’m also on Words with Friends. Please DM me if you want my username for that (won’t post it here as it links to my (currently deactivated) insta etc.

I love ISC!

Ah that’ll do it. I’m nearly finished getting beat again.

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Can’t remember what my WWF username was, but I’ll redownload that too.

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Im there as luckyun

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Just won and played orgy, life doesnt get much better eh

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