Scrambled Egg Ingredients:



Black pepper.

That’s it. People really need to take a look at themselves with their cream and their cheese or milk or whatever the hell else. Get some self respect. Eggs.


Also morning everyone


Morning Xylo! :raising_hand:


I just fried some chorizo and then poured over 3 eggs (2 whole and one yolk) and a dash of black pepper. :kissing_heart:





salt i allow


sounds awesome but it’s not scrambled eggs. but DOES sound awesome


Scrambled eggs are one of the things everyone thinks they’re weirdly good at


I find plain scrambled eggs quite bland, so always put in a little colman’s mustard

pepper and salt a given


if you’re incapable of being good at scrambled eggs you kind of just need to stop cooking at this point. it’s one ingredient if you don’t count a little bit of oil in the pan and the seasoning.


i feel like that’s mega allowed though, but it’s a condiment so it doesn’t TRULY affect the opening statement.

bloody love colemans, me


Surely then oil becomes an ingredient


for years, I always assumed it was Coleman’s - but recently found out it’s actually Colman’s. blew my mind, maaaan


Are you new, bluto?


i kind of assume that people who use cream/milk/other in scrambled eggs are also having their coffee with sugar, syrup and cream too. And we know what those people are like.


To scrambled eggs? Nah had them loads. I posted a few times at the old place tbf.

Nice advertising though, I’m off to make eggs now


Would you possibly take a photo? I’ve eaten mine and now it’s all i can think of


Cook 'em in butter and we’re in agreement.

I once lived with a gentleman who would add blue cheese. Not a fan, but I rarely have nightmares about it.


I like to use coconut oil and a splash of almond milk. Gives them a sweetness that works well when you grind chilli over your eggs.


Get lost, sean.