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some proper scrooges on here

Isn’t scran just food? That looks like food.

Food I wouldn’t touch but that’s because I’m not on Meatbook.


I’ll generally eat anything with stuffing on it.

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Probably wouldn’t bother with the cranberry sauce but looks good otherwise.

Would nosh

Said no but I’moff Sainsbo’s soon so if I see it I’ll have it

Back in my day scran was a noun not a verb.

That famous, traditional Christmas meat; chicken.

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changed my vote when i realised that the cranberry sauce comes in a sachet so that you can bin it immediately. WOULD SCRAN


Always been both up here, i think.

Always been neither down here tbf

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Scranberry sauce


Would totally eat this, but I think of scran as needing to be much greasier than this looks.

Could always cut it up uncooked and pop it in the air fryer.

I don’t have an air fryer.

I would like an air fryer.

I would do this.

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