Screaming Females

I’m sure I saw them at the now closed but brilliant Luminaire venue a number of years ago. Excellent band.

Ah great. The singer had an illness i think, hope she’s doing better.

Take it to the tennis thread pal.

great band and probably one of the best guitarists out there

I’m sure everyones seen this but it’s very cool so here it is again :slight_smile:

Yeah, she has fibromylagia. She talks about it a bit in this tour vid Corin Tucker’s husband directed

Glad to know some people like them here :grinning:
Saw them live for the ‘Rose Mountain’ tour and it was genuinely great (yes, one of the best shred guitarist you can see without getting bored or wondering where’s the song)

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UK/EU tour coming up. Will have to hop over to Manc but quite excited as I missed them last time due to being in the middle of nowhere in Germany



This album is so good, especially this track

Roll on May.